One of the most common questions asked by Instagram users is: "Can people see when you look at their Instagram?"

Not knowing the answer to this question, people are looking for their elders, their old friends and others with hesitation. They are concerned that the wanted person will be notified that "your-username-here" is viewing their profile.

Some social media apps, such as Tumblr (on the website itself) and Twitter (using third-party apps), can tell you which people have visited your profile page the most. This means that if you innocently check your crush several times a day, or even if you are reviewing the profile of your biggest competitor to see what he's doing, you can imitate him, he'll be able to know it. Your user name and your image will appear.

Can people know if you are looking at their pictures?

However, I have good news for you. On Instagram, you remain anonymous. It does not matter if you visit a profile page twenty times a day, the user will not be notified. Your friends, family members, businesses: no one will know that you are scrolling through their profile and use all downloaded photos.

Sometimes people you "hunt" appear in your list of "recommended follow-ups", but this only depends on your activity, activity that only the Instagram algorithm can detect. It's like visiting a website, you say Target's site, and you suddenly get Target ads on Instagram, even if you've never seen them before.

So, if you recommend this user, do not worry. No one, especially not them, will know that you are hovering over their page – not when you do it and how often you do it.

But it is not that simple.

Can people know if you are watching their videos?

If the users you track down do not know you're watching their images, they can see when you watch their videos. Of course, you can easily avoid this so you do not accidentally reveal yourself. It would be bizarre and embarrassing, not only for you, but for them, too, once they checked their list of views and found you.

So what is the solution? Avoid videos!

1. You can easily do this by double-checking before clicking a specific message while scrolling through their profile page. You can know when a publication is a video because there is a small video camera in the upper right corner.

2. Fortunately, the Instagram Information Center shared: "A view is counted when a video is viewed for 3 seconds or more." Therefore, if you come across a video, you can simply scroll through the # 39, screen down so your view will show up, will not count, and the person will never know you were there.

3. Finally, you'll want to avoid the wire-like view on a profile page – unless you're browsing the previous videos very quickly. (But is it really worth the risk, stick to the default value!)

Carousel stations are the exception

Fortunately, it is not necessary to avoid carousel posts with videos. You can see that there is a carousel station because there are two squares in the upper right corner.

You do not have to avoid them because even if you accidentally scroll through a video (since you can share images and videos), Instagram does not share the number of views for it. You can watch it and the person who posted it would have no idea what you did.

Avoid watching stories

There is one more thing you want to avoid: watching stories. Usually, to view analytics, such as the origin of your subscribers and their age, you need a business profile page. Instagram, however, gave everyone the opportunity to watch who is watching their stories.

You can see who is watching your stories by clicking on the "Seen By" option in the lower left corner of your story. You will get a list of viewers and other data, such as impressions, follow-ups and navigation.

It does not matter if someone is following you or not, you will be able to see if he has viewed your story. That's why you want to avoid looking at them. No matter how tempted you are to see them talking and moving, or taking extra pictures, you will have to avoid it or you will be caught.

Blast Up said, "In the coming years, it will be a profound gesture if Instagram chooses to give users the opportunity to see who has seen their profile. This feature would change how users interact with the application and potentially how much time they spend on it. "Let's hope she does not change this feature.

If that were to happen, I think people would be reluctant to consult their profiles. They would not feel confident enough to check their friends' profile – even if they are not "stalking" and just looking for an old photo or not.

Or if they let people know, for example, who were the best visitors and how much time they spent there, we would not even feel insecure about following anyone. So let's hope that Instagram keeps this type of information anonymous, so that we can navigate around Instagram without worrying if people find out that we're looking at their profile page. People appreciate being able to view images without fear of being caught or embarrassed.

Just a warning …

You've heard an incredible number: when you look at old pictures, make sure you do not hit twice! Nothing is more embarrassing than loving a picture of an ex-child, warning him and letting him know you are that ex-stalker.

However, now that you know that the person you are stalking innocently will not know you are stalking her unless you watch their videos and watch their stories, you can go ahead and look at all their photos without any worries. . If you have any doubt that Instagram will violate its privacy policy, you can rest assured that they will not do so.

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