It's not unusual to track a brand on social media and then unsubscribe it later. People do it all the time. However, when your brand's Instagram account is deleted, you want to take all the necessary steps to prevent your subscribers from clicking this button.

If you want to keep your subscribers intact, you must first understand what prevents them from following. Let's see these reasons:

Repetitive and boring content

People want to see fresh and relevant content on social media. If they find that your brand is constantly posting the same things, or if your content is irrelevant, they will not hesitate to let you down even if they like your products.

Too many messages in a day

While it's normal to see influencers posting on Instagram several times a day, posting too much content can actually hurt your brand. In fact, about 19% of Instagram users will not follow you if you post more than six times a day. Most people expect brands to publish once or twice a day. Depending on your content, you can even post 5 times a day without harming your customers.

Cleaning news feeds

Not all people who depreciate you do so because of your actions. Some of them simply want to get rid of too much content in their feed. On average, Instagram users browsed their feed of information 53 minutes a day. When they see that they spend more time on this activity because of the large number of accounts they follow, they narrow down this list to see only the ones that really interest them.

Offensive messages

Unfortunately, brands sometimes post content that users find offensive. This could be something that was supposed to be a joke, but was taken as a form of criticism, too much self-promotion, the use of automated messages and even a bad use of hashtags. When this happens, users have the option to report the account, stop following, and block it.

Irrelevant content

Relevant content can mean different things to different people. The key is to study your target users and learn what interests them. Once you have done your research, be sure to publish the content that concerns them. In this way, you not only prevent them from giving up, but you also increase the chances of engaging with them.

Lack of commitment

Social media is called as such for a specific reason – it's a platform to become social. Even if you post stunning photos and write legends that kill, people will start letting go if they do not feel connected to your brand. Engagement is very important on Instagram, so be sure to respond to comments and direct messages as soon as possible.

Now that you know the common reasons Instagram users no longer follow brands, let's see how you can stop your followers from following you:

Share fun and exciting content

Unlike their friends and entertainment personalities they follow, your account is tracked because they like your brand and they would like to be informed of the latest promotions through your publications. According to a MarketingSherpa survey, 56% of social media users initially followed brands to learn more about their promotions or coupons, while 44% said they followed brands to enter a contest, get discount or win a gift card. Considering that the cost of marketing on social media is relatively lower than traditional marketing, we invite you to do so and to launch these IG competitions and exclusive discount codes to your subscribers!

Publish engaging visual content

Instagram is a very visual social media platform. As such, it is essential that you publish high quality images and videos that will appeal to your target users. You do not need to hire a professional photographer to catch the attention of your target niche. You do not even need to use an expensive digital SLR camera. You can use your smartphone while retaining great pictures. The important thing is that the visuals you publish are aligned with your brand and arouse the interest of the target users of Instagram.

Share other people's content

When people post about your brand, share it. This is a great way to show that your brand is an amazing brand. This reinforces your brand image and also signals that you care about your customers, that you notice them and that you recognize what they have to say about your brand. This may encourage viewers to share their own photos with your products, hoping that they will also appear in your feed.

Get real and personal

Although refined photos and videos may look really impressive, your Instagram tribe would like to know more about your brand in a very personal way. Again, it's all about connecting with people. This is one of the reasons why Instagram Stories has been added as a feature of this social media channel. With stories, you can post daily articles without worrying about ruining the grid structure of your feed. The stories allow you to publish several times a day without annoying your subscribers and you can publish just about anything: behind the scenes, scenes from your last photo shoot, what's going on in the kitchen of your posh restaurant , bottling and tagging, what your staff does during their breaks. These are informal, more personal publications that would give your subscribers a sense of connection with your brand.

So these are the reasons people refuse to follow brands on Instagram and what you can do to make sure your followers keep following you. Take note of this information or mark this page in your favorites so you can easily check if you apply them every day.

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