If you've just started doing digital marketing, you probably know that most e-merchants are exploiting social media marketing today. Nowadays, many people use social media apps as a form of entertainment in their spare time. So, it is quite normal for you to promote your brand on the most sought after social media platforms as a marketer.

That said, here are some of the imperative benefits that social media marketing has to offer businesses:

1. Better brand recognition

Since social media platforms now have billions of monthly active users, promoting your business on these networks can help you build awareness for your brand name.

For this reason, most online marketers these days have social media marketing in their digital marketing arsenal. When done right, social media marketing can help your brand reach a larger audience that will potentially become your customers in the future.

2. Improved customer relationship

Social media platforms can be great places where you can connect and engage with your target audiences. These platforms can help you promote your content, listen to the opinions of your audience, and provide effective solutions to their concerns.

It can help you create a stronger connection between your brand and your target audiences, customers and prospects.

3. Effectively communicate your brand's messageperson showing white envelope

Social media can act as a gateway for your brand to get its message out to the world. Since the major social media networks now have billions of active users, they are great envoys for your brand and target audiences.

By leveraging social media, you can effectively deliver your brand's mission and vision without paying for expensive mainstream paid media.

4. Gather essential information from the public

Social media platforms are great places to collect compelling information from your target audiences.

You can gain insight into interests, demographics, buying behaviors, and other crucial details about your target audiences through social media.

Plus, you can then use this information to fuel your next social media marketing tactic and improve your overall digital marketing funnel.

5. Provide stellar customer support

Besides email and phone support, you can also use the comments section and private messaging provided by social media platforms to answer questions and concerns from your audience and customers.

Some people can't bother to email a query or call a business phone number. So they go straight to their social media page when they have a question or complaint.

6. Improved brand loyaltyWoman Wearing Brown Velvet Plunging Neck Long Sleeve Dress While Carrying Multiple Paper Bags Photograph

When your brand actively posts on social media and interacts with audiences, people will eventually recognize your brand better.

They may also choose to buy your products or services rather than your competition. On top of that, when your brand is well recognized by people on social media, it can also help your existing customers stay loyal to your brand.

7. Increase your website traffic

You can take advantage of your social media pages to increase traffic to your brand's website. Social media is one of the best places to get substantial engagement. Some of the most exciting and trendy content there is quickly going viral.

Therefore, when you can create high quality and newsworthy content, it can attract a lot of attention. In addition, many people are likely to visit your website.

8. Effectively retarget audiences

There can be many instances where an audience will come through your website but not pursue the purchase for some reason. Social media platforms offer an effective solution to help you convince your prospects to complete the conversion phase through retargeting.

Retargeting is a great way to get your prospects to think again and possibly persuade them to close the deal.

9. Create hype around new products Pink, white and blue pineapples

Posting a preview of your upcoming product on your social media page can help spark conversations and build anticipation among your audience. Additionally, posting a teaser of your soon to be launched new product allows you to get a feel for the general firsthand reactions from your target audiences.

10. Keep customers informed

Your social media channels are great places to advertise product launches, events, contests, giveaways, and other activities that your brand will be hosting.

Providing social updates allows your audience and customers to stay on top of your brand's current and future whereabouts without bombarding them with email updates.

11. Go behind the scenesPhoto of people filming on set

Suppose you are looking for the best way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. In that case, sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your business on your social media pages is a great place to start.

Sharing BTS gives your audience a better perspective on your business and the people who support it.

12. Keep an eye on the competition

The majority of businesses these days, including your competition, have probably established social media pages already. You can take advantage of their social networks and keep tabs on their whereabouts online.

You can check out your competitors' social media pages, see how they go about social media marketing, and get ideas for improving yours.

13. Take advantage of modern electronic marketing tools

Social media platforms are constantly improving and introducing new tools and techniques to help digital marketers promote their brands even more effectively. You can take advantage of these developments to boost your brand awareness and improve conversion rates.

14. Profitable digital marketinggreen plant in transparent glass vase

The majority of social media platforms today offer effective and affordable advertising programs that actually deliver valuable results.

Plus, since social media networks host billions of active users every month, the chances of your brand reaching a larger audience are dramatically high.

In addition to reasonably priced advertising programs, social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to effectively target specific audiences across several factors. These include age, gender, interests and life events, liked pages, etc.


Social media marketing is a must for many digital marketers for several great reasons, including the ones mentioned above. If you haven't started marketing your brand on the major social media platforms yet, it's time you created a solid SMM strategy.

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