Running an Instagram account can be daunting as all social media platforms deal with numbers and auditing. The biggest Instagram have over 100,000 subscribers and they all have a little blue check next to their name. They receive over five hundred comments in all their posts, and their lives on Instagram can be found in the 'best lives' section of Instagram.

These people are successful, but it is also likely that you have succeeded on Instagram. Maybe not at this level, but you have succeeded.

Everything I mentioned at the top indicates how successful we are on Instagram, but these are not the only measures. It's more than making a live top and having three hundred comments on a photo of yourself. So, if these are not the only measures of success on Instagram, what are they?

1. The commitment you receive

Engagement is a huge measure of success on Instagram. The message I do not want to convey, however, is that the amount of your commitment counts. What matters is that you receive a commitment that counts.

What type of commitment counts? Receive the likes of followers who truly care about the situation matters. Receiving likes from an account that likes content without ever actually engaging or following people, that does not matter.

I would much rather have a hundred people really care about my live Instagram account by watching a thousand people who care only about half. It does not matter how many people look at your life if they only look half and do not care.

2. Who is following you (not how much)

The important thing is not the number of your subscribers, but those who follow you. If you're using an Instagram account for a company or brand, you want your subscribers to care about your message and buy your products.

It's easy to feel discouraged when your personal empowerment has only two thousand subscribers when another autonomous empowerment brand has two million followers. But have you ever taken the time to see who's following you?

Browse your own subscriber list and view their profile. You will probably meet random people who are just living their lives, posting pictures of empowering books, and so on. You may have other instagrams that empower and like your content. It's a good thing.

If you only had spammy accounts that never liked your content, or other empowering brands that followed you in the interest of being tracked, your Instagram account might not succeed. But you have followers who care about you, take your content to heart and bookmark your posts for future reference. That is what matters.

3. The impact you make

An Instagram influencer could have a million subscribers and not have a positive impact in the lives of these subscribers. You could have twenty followers and radically change the lives of each of these followers. This counts for much more than the number of followers of the influencer.

Remember to consider the impact you have on people's lives because that's probably why you started doing what you do. Concentrate first on your life of one hundred followers and you will see that you naturally gain more followers.

Provide value, and the magic operates.

4. The type of comments you receive (not how much)

Have you ever viewed someone's comments in an Instagram post and found that seven of their twelve comments were comments of a word or, worse, emojis? As a result, the fact that they have twelve comments no longer matters, because more than half are not true comments.

I know you understand what I mean, but I will say it anyway. The amount of feedback you receive does not matter; it's the quality that makes. You may receive only five comments per publication, but what do they say?

If the comments are authentic, if you can say that the person who seized them really thought about what to say to you, then you won. Yes, twelve comments look better, but why would it matter if your message did not really help, motivate or empower someone? It's about quality versus quantity.

5. How people interact with you outside of Instagram via Instagram

The reason you opened an Instagram account is to promote your brand or your business. You want people to read your articles, watch your YouTube videos, or buy from your store. Yes, having a lot of followers on Instagram is great, but if they do not take the steps you want them to take, you can not help but think, "Why did I open an Instagram account in the first place? "

You offer empowering tips, fashion tips or you import photos of your products, but if no one buys through your Instagram ads or clicks on your bio's link, it does not matter. will not get any extent of what you do. Your contribution of value starts only on Instagram; they need to see that it does not end there.

A huge measure of success on Instagram is whether people leave to access your blog and read your last article. (You can see if people click on the link in your biography if you have a business profile on Instagram because you can check the reviews.)

Even if you have five hundred subscribers, if a good percentage of those people leave the app to read, watch, or listen to your content, you are successful.

As a final clarification, the measures of summit success are incredible achievements. This article simply reminds you that you have succeeded. But, by all means, strive to be verified and have a million followers, if you wish. If you agree with one or two thousand subscribers, know that you have also succeeded. You simply have a different measure of success.

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