The best way to get people to watch your Instagram live is to announce that you have one. Unless you have thousands of subscribers, you will not have to watch an excessive number of viewers to watch your impulsive event of the moment.

Use these 5 simple tips to get people to watch your Instagram live

1. Advertise it

It's obvious, but we're going to talk about how you can announce it, because there are a myriad of ways to do it. First of all, you make an Instagram post. Your message must be minimalist: you have just announced the date and time of your Instagram Live account. You can say, "Coming into production on February 1, 2019, at 9:00 am (Pacific Standard Time)".

In the legend, if you wish, you can announce the subject you are going to cover. If you do, you can create excitement around it. For example, you can say something like, "I'm going to show you the top five things that all successful artists do, and you do not want to miss them!"

You can also advertise it on an Instagram story. You can record a fifteen-second story of yourself by announcing the date, time, and subject.

2. Continue to promote it

You do not want to just announce that you're a part of Instagram Live once. You want to promote it so that people can continue to be remembered and reach people who have not seen the first message.

The advantage of Instagram stories is that there are different ways to promote your Live. The next day, you could take a selfie smiling enthusiastically and add a sticker saying "Who is excited about the concert tomorrow?". The options could be "me" and "not me". On the third and final day, you can register and re-mention the details of the Live and add a slider sticker that asks, "How excited are you for the live later today?"

This is especially important because you allow your subscribers to interact with you and your ad. They are more likely to remember when they get involved and engage with you.

The smartest thing you can do is use the countdown sticker. The day you announce it, you can add a second story with the countdown sticker. The countdown vignette gives people the opportunity to get a reminder of the event the same day. All they have to do is press it to receive the option.

Your subscribers are more likely to visit your Instagram Live that day because they received a reminder the same day.

3. Partner with someone

Last year, Instagram added the option of going live with another person. You simply invite someone who is in the Live or he can ask to go live with you. Do not live with someone you admire, go live with someone your followers admire.

Keep in mind that the Live does not concern you, it concerns your viewers. For example, if you're an entrepreneur and you said you were going to live with Marie Forleo, that's something your followers would like to see. In addition, you will be more likely to attract more viewers because you are exploiting its audience. Agree on a date and time for your concert, then build excitement around you.

Announce to your subscribers that you will live with the person and identify them. Explain who said the person is and what they are doing because, of course, not all of your followers will know who she is. If they have credibility, such as they were presented in Entrepreneur, these are details that you want to share.

Do you have a picture with the person you are going to live with? Post it on Instagram and in the caption, describe how you are going to live with that person on that date then explain what you are going to talk about.

4. Offer something special for your viewers

You can also offer something special to the viewers who connect. When you have announced that you will be going live, announce it. Your particular followers will need to be optimized. For example, you can give your new book a special link. You can also tell your viewers that if they sign up for your email list within the next twenty-four hours, they will receive a free sample of your new product. Make it irresistible.

Do not lie. Do not say that you have something special for your viewers while in reality, you just have to click to keep them until the end of the concert. This is not just a mistake, it will also give you a bad name.

You can also say that if your subscribers connect to Live, you will switch to Live with three random people. You can choose by asking a question and choosing the person with your favorite answer, or simply by choosing random people who, when asking who wants to go live, say. "Me!" People would like to have the chance to talk with you. It is therefore a good incentive to the agreement. Even if they have a small chance to be chosen, it's still a chance to take.

5. Use it to promote something new

"I have an exciting ad!" "Something huge is coming." This is the type of e-mail headlines that take you to open the e-mail. They can also work when you announce that you are going to have an Instagram Live.

FOMO (fear of missing) is a very real thing. So when you announce an exciting ad that you will reveal in your Live Instagram account, people will want to join it. They do not want to miss. Of course, do not say this line unless you really have something to announce.

This is the perfect line to use when you want to advertise a new product. No matter what you reveal, as long as you are excited about it and know that your subscribers will be too.

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