Although I would like to say that once you reach a certain level of "notoriety" or followers, you will begin to receive hateful comments, the truth is that you can receive them at any time. Hiding behind a computer makes it easy for people to do it, and the trolls, as they are called, make fun of the fact that you have only one hundred followers. If they do not like you, your brand or your message, they will say something about it.

Everyone treats haters at one point on Instagram, so the question is, how do you manage that? It's easy to get caught up in these comments, let them tackle your insecurities and leave you hurt. Words, even from strangers we know do not know who we are, can hurt. That's why we've compiled this list on how to handle hate on Instagram.

1. Remember: only those who do something worthwhile are hated

Those who do not receive hatred are those who are not noticed, those who do not do anything that is worth it. You are doing something that really has an impact. You may receive negative attention, but you probably have a lot more positive attention.

The most famous celebrities receive the most hatred; This is how it works. You will see somebody. You challenge their views, their beliefs, the things they believed to be facts. They do not like that we throw them something that they do not understand, something that they fear.

That's all. They are afraid of something, so they hate it. In the meantime, you can continue doing what is worthy. Do not back down to resistance.

2. Bullies usually bully because they are insecure and / or jealous

You may have heard of this rich period, but I repeat it because it is true. When a tyrant is intimidating, it is not usually because he really despises you. They bully because you have something that they wish to have or that you can do what they wish.

You are overcoming their insecurities just by being yourself. You can effortlessly do what they have struggled to do, and they are jealous. Because of that, they will make you feel bad about that. It's not logical, but that's how it works.

Keep this in mind. If you receive hateful comments, it may be that the person watching you feels that they are falling behind or not enough. They should not pick at them, but they did. So, keep scrolling.

3. Keep in mind: we all have bad days

Have you ever accidentally caught someone because you had a bad day? Maybe you called your partner something rude because you were angry and that they were the only ones around. Obviously, you did not think what you said. It's just that we make mistakes when our bad day arrives.

Sometimes that's all that happens with some of these trolls. Someone might just have a bad day. They do not want to say how they called you. Something bad happened, they broke, and your message turned out to be the first to appear when they opened Instagram.

Do not take all hate comments to heart; most people do not want to say what they say.

4. Reply with kind comments

As I said, sometimes people have bad days and end up saying things without thinking. The only thing you should never do, for many reasons, is to answer impudently. Do not answer sarcastically, do not exclude people and insult them. Not only does this lower you down to their level, but people will see it, and you will acquire a bad reputation. Moreover, it's wrong!

If you feel like answering, answer with a nice comment. To be authentic For example, suppose someone said, "Your content is a trash. You are a fake. Instead of answering with a nasty comment, what would happen if you answered nicely? Instead, say, "I'm sorry to feel like that! Can I suggest to check the content of @ username? They could be a better fit. "

Not only is this surprisingly nice and will help your reputation, but it could also cause the worker to realize that he or she has made a mistake. They will think twice before commenting next time.

5. Know your truth

It's hard to just ignore the hateful comments because they are there. Of course, do not look for them actively, and if you see them, scroll through them before you can read more. However, sometimes you can not help reading them.

The problem with reading hateful comments, the reason they hurt, is because we believe them. So, what if you do not believe them? You know your truth. You know who you are. You already know that you are not what they call you, that your business is not bad and that your message does exactly what you want.

The best way to deal with hate comments is to love yourself without excusing yourself and to become aware of yourself. You know who you are, so do not let comments influence you. Do not give in to what they say because they do not know you.

6. Take into account

Sometimes, what looks like a hate comment at first glance can actually be a constructive criticism. Ignore those that contain curse words and insults, but what about the one that says, "The layout of your website is ugly. It's too complicated and I always get lost. I never come back?

This is clearly a rude comment, it is undeniable, but read the comment. They called your website ugly and then said they would never come back. And if this person tells you the truth? How can you know?

Pay attention to what others say and ask. You can jump into your Instagram story and ask people if they think that presenting your website is confusing. If the majority of your answers are yes, correct the problem. If you mainly receive no, then that person was really a hater. But it was worth asking!

Although most comments can be just mean, you will get something constructive from time to time. Pay attention to those.

The worst comes at worst, block the person or post the comment.

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