Artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) are becoming the go-to marketing tools for brands around the world, especially among those who market on social media.

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social platform for businesses and brands, with over one billion+ users. The social network provides the best experience for its users while creating a friendly marketing platform for brands.

Instagram has some cool and exciting features that brands will do well to take full advantage of, with AI and AR features being one of them.

Augmented reality

In 2018, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement at the Facebook F8 conference that thrilled companies on the platform. He predicted that AR camera effects would be made available to third parties, meaning that companies could create unique AR filters for their audiences to experience.

AR Filters are one of the coolest features social media platforms have used to change the face of marketing. With this enriching innovation, a range of brands are now using this open creativity to reach new audiences. So not only can your audience use these unique filters, their friends can also try the filters as they appear in the stories.

Benefits of Instagram AR for Business

In terms of IG Marketing, let's face the facts: Customers want something new and innovative all the time.

As humans we are obsessed with futuristic science and technology and at the moment no other marketing option offers this experience to users other than AR.

Companies and brands that have AR in their Instagram marketing strategy have certain advantages. These include:

1. Improved user experience

How many times have you purchased a product online only to find after delivery that it doesn't match? Maybe it didn't complement your physical attributes as much as you imagined. Perhaps it is a hair product that does not match your hair color or hairstyle, or a suit that is two sizes too small. (A good thing about that, however, is that the purchase could make a great gift to put a smile on someone's face.)

AR offers the best solution to the mismatch problem. Your subscribers can try products from the comfort of their home, office, etc. No need to visit a real store to try these products, and customers can share these photos with friends and family to get a second opinion.

This use of AR extends to furniture and decorating your home or workspace as it makes purchasing decisions easier. This takes the online shopping experience to a whole new level.

Brands that engage will benefit from more commitments to their business and also benefit from a lower rate of return on products purchased.

2. New audiences and brand awareness

For starters, your followers' followers can use your AR filters so that they just sell themselves. It works great for businesses, as Instagrammers with no prior knowledge of your brand are featured there.

To reiterate, providing an augmented reality filter that your followers will like could go a long way in creating much-needed awareness. AR tends to generate a high level of social buzz among Instagram users and marketers.

3. A wider reach

Combine AR with your marketing strategy and you will be able to access new markets with ease and success. As with the previous point, you can engage entirely new demographics that would have been quite difficult to break into. Take those who are too far away and can't check out your products in a physical store.

4. Improved audiences and engagements

Some users follow a brand simply because they feel the need to access its unique filters. Additionally, most Instagrammers who try a brand's augmented filters end up engaging in business with that brand. They discover how much a product can complement their appearance; these work best for clothing, cosmetics, accessories and more.

AR filters are great for improving the relationship between brands and their target audience, especially among young adults. Young people think it's cool to try out different augmented reality features, and why not? It can be quite fun and fun at the same time.

Businesses can enhance interactions with their audiences by using AR to provide fun and comedic reliefs that help users create their own memorable experiences.

Artificial intelligence

The power and possibilities of artificial intelligence have not gone unnoticed by the huge social platform. Just as every industry is looking for various ways to leverage machine learning, IG has AI-powered features to deliver a high-quality experience for businesses and users.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Businesses

1. Increased marketing and awareness

AI algorithms give Instagram brands the best ways to reach beyond their target audience. Attract new audiences with the Explore page and other AI-powered features. For the Explore page, AI technology helps categorize and display content that a user would find interesting.

By learning from users' activities (like the accounts they interact with and view time spent on those accounts), algorithms provide content displayed on news feeds and on the Explore page.

The more an Instagrammer interacts with your business account, the more your content will appear on their feed. So businesses don't have to worry about their subscribers missing out on crucial feeds when they're not online. The feeds are not displayed in chronological order. They are listed in order of relevance and AI engagement for a given user.

Need to reach new audiences who would find your content both engaging and engaging? The AI-powered Explore page encourages that, whether it's inside or outside of your targeted demographics. The algorithm sorts accounts that a user doesn't follow, but expects them to find attractive based on recent activity.

2. Recognition of offensive words and spam

Artificial intelligence helps moderate Instagram comments so brands don't have to worry about bad eggs looking to trick or bully other users.

Tracking every comment on your downloads can be very stressful, especially when the numbers are high. There is also the question of the interpretation needed when commentators use foreign diction.

Words that seem ordinary on their own can seem offensive when glued together. Context could also come into consideration, turning well-bred sentences into disrespectful ones.

Instagram uses AI to interpret these comments, making sure that defaulters don't get away with an offensive pun.

Key points to remember

With the start of the year, we're sure to see a lot more features powered by Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. This will reach a point where both concepts can be applied in virtually all areas of the business world.

Expect Instagram to continue to deliver on its promise of cutting edge, cutting edge service for personal and business accounts on social media. AR and AI technologies are just two of the innovative ways Instagram is using to keep users glued to the screen.

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