Instagram keeps releasing new stickers for their stories, and a few weeks ago they posted another one. Now next to the Poll, Questions, Countdown Timer, Emoji Slider, and Music sticker is the Quiz sticker.

What is the Quiz sticker?

The Instagram purpose for Quiz Sticker is to quiz your followers with questions about you. It’s a way for them to see how well they know you and along the way, to know you.

As you can see from the image above, by default the sticker gives you an example of what to write which reads: "Guess my favorite". Under this title-like section, you need to type in options. At the very bottom of the sticker it says "Add at least two options." So your choices for that particular question would be the right and wrong answer.

When you download this story, your followers tap on the answer they think is the right one.

How to add a question to the Quiz sticker

At the top of the sticker you can type in any question you want. You only have 47 characters left, so keep the question short.

If you don't want to ask a question, or don't know what to ask, you can ask Instagram to create a question for you. If you look at the image above again, you will see that there is a pair of dice above the phone keypad. When you tap on it, Instagram selects a random question for you.

Here are some of the random questions that appear if you hit the dice:

  • "Guess my favorite ice cream …
  • "Only one of them is true …"
  • "Guess my favorite show …"
  • "What makes me happiest?"
  • "If I were a celebrity, I would be…"

Add the answers to the Quiz sticker

Once you have found or selected your question, write down the answers. First, in "Option A", then in "Option B." When you start typing your answer in option B, you get a tag that says "Tap to select your answer" and option B turns green. Once you have typed your answers in both boxes, select the correct answer. If it's B, leave it alone; if this is an A, press the circled A.

By default, you have two options for writing your responses. However, when I started typing option B, something else popped up. You can see from the image below that the opportunity to write a third response has presented itself. Tap on it to write a reply. After that, the fourth and final option to write a response appears. You must write at least two options, but you cannot have more than four.

Colors on the quiz Sticker

By default, the sticker color is black. However, if you click on the color wheel in the top center (you can see this in all of the previous images in this article), you can edit it. The available colors are the classic Instagram sticker colors:

  • Violet blue
  • Green Blue
  • Orange yellow
  • Pink mauve
  • Purple
  • red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Click "Done" when your sticker is complete and import it into your story.

When your subscribers vote

Once you've uploaded your story, your followers who view it can take the quiz. When they select the correct answer, confetti will appear on their screen. When they choose the wrong answer, that choice turns red and they can see the correct answer.

How to see the answers

When you upload a story, you can see who has viewed it. To do this, click on the "viewers" option in the lower left corner of your stories. When you do this in the story with the Quiz sticker, you can also see how many answers each option has and who chose which options.

How to Use the Quiz Sticker to Build Engagement

Now that you know how to use Quiz Stickers, let's talk a little bit about how you can use them for your brand or business to get your followers engaged. While you can post a story with a quiz, you can make it a full "quiz night". Have at least three Instagram stories with the quiz sticker as a kind of game that your followers can play.

Here are some ideas on what to do for the "Quiz Night".

Quiz your followers on your story

The Quiz Sticker is meant to be a fun way for your followers to get to know you, so what better way for them to do that than by talking about how you got started? Here are some sample questions:

  • What inspired our name?
  • When did we start our business?
  • How old am I?
  • How long have I been (empty)?
  • When did I get the idea for (empty)?
  • Quiz your subscribers on how they know your website

    Your hardcore fans will know your website the way they know it. Let them know how well they think they know.

  • What days should I download?
  • Where can you find (empty)?
  • How often should I send emails?
  • What is my mailing list called?
  • What is my most popular blog post?
  • Quiz your followers on how they know you

  • What is my dog's name?
  • What is my favorite color?
  • What city do I live in?
  • What social media platform am I not on?
  • Where did I grow up?
  • Quiz your followers on your brand

  • What are the colors of our brand?
  • What is our logo?
  • What's on every Instagram post?
  • How to sign each legend?
  • What is our mission?
  • Quiz your followers on your content

  • Where was I in my last Instagram post?
  • What did I talk about in my last YouTube video?
  • What have I recently promoted on Snapchat?
  • What sale is taking place on our website?
  • Which friend “hacked” my Twitter yesterday?
  • Even Chipotle uses the Quiz sticker. Chipotle asked, "What's our most popular entry?" So as you can see there are a variety of questions you can ask. Play with them and sit back while your followers respond!

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