You are probably wondering how fonts can impart the level of engagement that your Instagram page generates. Well let me remind you that IG is a platform with over a billion users.

And in this large community of Instagramers, images and videos are being released almost every second. So it becomes very difficult to catch and reach your target audience.

This group of users are visually stimulated by different elements of the platform, right down to your choice of fonts. Which makes the need for coordinated attention to the visual style of your branding hard to overestimate.

Whether you're on the social network to share experiences with followers or promote your products and services, there are fonts to meet all of your goals.

Let your policy type be an added benefit

Surely you must have come across some captions, comments or even biographical texts created in a unique font. Like so many other users, you might have looked through your Instagram account settings to find a button to change your font style. Well you wouldn't have a chance to find this button because it just doesn't exist.

Posting high quality images and videos is good, but it needs to come with some creative captions to give it better context and make it more engaging.

Every day the competition for likes and followers increases, and to stay on top of such situations you need an extra edge like font style.

How to customize your Instagram fonts

When writing your captions, Instagram doesn't give you a lot of options to spice things up. But some external online resources allow you to use more font options.

The first step is therefore to find such a tool. A simple Google search will reveal that you have several tools to choose from.

They all offer the option of entering your text, caption, or comment in one of the many fonts available. You can now copy and paste the text on Instagram.

Customize Fonts for Instagram Stories

Along with Stories, IG has provided some fonts for Instagrammers. Using these options is also very easy.

Just go to your Instagram story and try taking a photo or selecting one to upload. When you get to the point where you need to caption it, check the top layer of your screen. There you will find the default font type provided by Instagram, which is "classic".

Click this tab to access other types of fonts, if you want to change the font. Options include Neon, Modern, Typewriter, and Loud. And after choosing the font, you can also change the color by clicking on the arrow surrounded by a white circle. The screen will provide 3 rolls of colors, and you can change each shade to a different shade.

You can also use pre-designed templates for your Instagram stories and regular posts. Yes, many of these third-party tools include free template libraries for you to choose from. So, users don't need the technical solidity to create a new visual style from scratch.

Use web tools to customize your font

If you want something more funky than what Instagram has to offer, you can always use external tools. If this is a photo that you want to post to your Instagram story, you can use tools like Typorama.

It has plenty of font options and other features, but you're not limited to that. If you research well enough, you will find a tool that suits your needs even better.

With Typorama, please select an image and how you want to upload it – for example, Instagram Story. You can change the font as much as you want. When you have the style you want, you can now press OK and export the image with the text to Instagram. It's not as difficult as you might think, is it?

On the other hand, if you are making a video, there are different web apps and tools available to you. Most of them are very straightforward as you will need to upload a video.

Somewhere on the screen you will find the option to change the font or the text option. This tab is primarily represented by the letter 'T'.

With apps like HypeType, you can also choose the color or even animate your text. When you're done, you can download the video and upload it to your Story.

You can also add custom symbols to spice up your text

It's also possible to add symbols to your bio to make it more cohesive and appealing, especially if you don't want the typical emojis on your phone. You can get these symbols online, copy them, and then paste them into your bio or elsewhere.

It is quite important to point out that customers are looking for distinction; they gravitate towards a brand that expresses a certain level of uniqueness.

Policing factors to consider to boost your engagement on Instagram

  • Well, that doesn't stop with creating a custom font or text style, because you have to be consistent. You want to carve your style on Instagram. When it comes to branding, variety isn't always the spice. So you have to be careful how you change your style. It is also essential to be sensitive to the reception of your visual style by your followers.

  • Also, while you want to be bold with your visual style, you need to maintain an easy-to-read font type. And when you need to post long statements, make the text very readable, or you risk losing subscribers and even customers. Avoid italicized fonts with little or no space between them, as they may not be professional to use.

Visual style can't do all the work; you also need to be creative and intentional with the wordings to get the right level of engagement for your brand. Have fun!

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