Today, most brands with a business Instagram account face the challenge of improving their level of engagement. Building an engaged audience on IG isn't as easy as it sounds.

Getting the right people to engage with your brand's marketing content is essential not only for growing your business, but also knowing if you're wasting time.

With more audience engagement, your brand is likely to be exposed to more followers. So below we have a few ways you can use to take your Instagram engagement to the next level.

Have a high-end profile tailored to showcase your business

First impressions count.

Your Instagram profile is the first item most people typically use to access and form an opinion about your brand. This is why it is of the utmost importance to define your profile well. It just needs to display easy to understand information about your brand and your products / services.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when optimizing your profile:

  • Set your company logo (or any other photo related to your business) as your profile picture.

  • Make sure your business name reflects both your account name and your username.

  • Include your website on the page and feel free to replace it with promotional offers every now and then.

  • Fill in the bio section with eye-catching information about your business. This section gives you great freedom to present your business as you wish. Get creative in explaining what your brand is all about and what it offers. Try to keep it simple as long paperwork can get boring.

Take advantage of hashtags and use filters to the fullest

Hashtags help Instagrammers identify topics and niches while on the platform. Posts with these tags generate up to 12.6% more user engagement than posts without.

But be unique with your hashtags. Using ones that are popular or overly general can sweep your message under the rug. However, using tags that are too obscure can leave your post invisible. To stand out even more, use geo tags to complement your hashtags. It's a great way to stand out.

Filters, on the other hand, are the little details that add something special to your photos and videos. Redeeming the voucher can increase user engagement by up to 5%. This is why businesses use filters that are a good match for their brand and audience.

Branch Out

You have a lot to gain by promoting your brand on different social media channels. Since this strategy can increase engagement and drive traffic, it's quite common for savvy brands to link their social accounts to cross-posting content.

If your brand is on Twitter or Facebook, feel free to share the link to your Instagram profile every now and then. Do this too often and you might get marked as spam.

Refine your messages

The idea is to refrain from posting an article until it is of the highest quality. From the resolution of your content to delivery, a simple principle applies: No Instagrammer wants to view a low-quality photo or video.

Once you apply this to your marketing, you also need to be consistent with your posts without going overboard. Three or four posts per day is an ideal posting rule.

Timing is another key factor. To download at the right time of day, you need to monitor when your traffic, engagement, and active subscribers are peaking. Track specific times.

Typically, some reports suggest the best times to post on Instagram are 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Organize promotions, discounts and contests

Put a few dollars on your products to better engage with your audience. It is an effective way to increase engagement on your Instagram account. When these offers are urgent, you see a greater increase in customer engagement and the overall effectiveness of your IG marketing plan.

These promotions work well on Instagram, allowing you to leverage existing followers while gaining new ones. Host competitions where followers must include a branded hashtag and / or like a particular post to qualify.

Keep an eye on the competition

Be careful! Competitors ahead!

No one wants their brand's competitors to stay ahead of them. To the right?

Well sometimes your competition can get more audience engagement. But you should always strive to stay one step ahead of them. It's time to take your Instagram engagement from nothing (or a little) to something.

Here are some tips to stay ahead of your competition:

  • Use scan tools to spy on them and steal them

  • Create interactive promotions and contests

  • Be specific when targeting an audience

  • Be consistent and professional

Keeping one step ahead of the competition is that easy. With these pointers, you can easily recover all lost subscribers. At the same time, you drive more engagement on your IG page by convincing their customers to opt for your brand instead.

Track, analyze and keep records

As a brand or Instagram marketer, you need to learn how to track all activity. Record and analyze your weakest and strongest sections, and understand them. Keeping track of likes, comments, and shares would let you know which areas need extra effort or improvement.

Know how many people have reached your posts. Note which date and which days of the week have the most litters, and why. Use tools to gain insight into your brand's Instagram content and work towards improvement.

Fortunately, there are several tools for generating reports on your Instagram page. Use them to discover the areas you need to work on to take your engagement to the next level.

Instagram Ads

Although you will have to spend money to place your ad on Instagram, it is still one of the more converting options. With paid IG ads, you can spread your brand directly to a wide range of people on Instagram.

These ads are one of the best ways to improve audience engagement because your brand will be shown to if not thousands, but hundreds of people. And with so many people able to reach your brand on Instagram, your engagement level would get an added bonus. You can try Instagram Ads today and see how quickly they bring engagement to your Page.

Stay in touch with your customers

Customer satisfaction is another way you can use to increase engagement. Start by following customers with a strong influence on social media. It shows that they matter to you (not that other people don't matter, but you get the idea).

Additionally, try to post content that includes customers with or without your staff members. Depending on your business, of course.

Responding to a customer's comment is also essential for your business. You not only give the impression that you want to satisfy them, but you also learn the problems, solutions and tips for running a successful business.

Find out the best time to download your content

You could be missing out on an entire segment of your audience just by posting your posts at the wrong time.

With how Instagram's Algorithm works, the more engagements you get in the early hours, the more available your post is to others.

To know your best post times, dive into analyzing all of your previous posts and find out when you had the best engagements. Use this information to your advantage.

Your subscribers may also live in different time zones. Keep this in mind when deciding when to post.

Managing an Instagram business account is easy, but managing one successfully is no easy task. It takes a professional mindset and approach to manage one. The key here is quality, consistency, and identifying the key areas that you can leverage. Explore different options and let's see what happens.

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