A few months after the change in Instagram algorithm, we hear that there is still a lot of confusion and frustration among its users, especially marketers and business owners. It seems that the latest Instagram algorithm makes it more difficult to read your messages. Compared to the 2016 Instagram algorithm, which has removed the chronological flow and given more importance to certain factors such as post-engagement, the 2018 Instagram algorithm change brings back chronological order to user feeds, but with a twist.

According to a press release released by Instagram in March, this update of the algorithm is designed to give users more control over their feed and to ensure that the publications they see are up to date. This means that the most recent publications are more likely to appear first in the user feed, while ranking publications based on key variables, including the number of interactions received, the number of times they are received. user engagement and the length of time users post publications.

How do you use the latest Instagram algorithm to benefit your brand? Here are some strategies that can help you increase the visibility of your publications and increase engagement with your target users:

Be consistent with your frequency of display

There is no absolute rule in posting on Instagram, actually. The frequency of your publications will depend on the goals of your business and the time you can devote. However, once you have chosen a given calendar and frequency, you must ensure that your publication frequency is constant. This means that if you have decided to post once a day or three times a week, the two options are right for you, as long as you can respect this schedule because you may lose subscribers if you do not.

According to Neil Patel, social media expert, "If you take the habit of publishing several times a day and then only go a few times a week, you will start losing subscribers and generating less money. commitment by publication. This means that the best publication frequency for Instagram is the publication frequency that you can maintain consistently for the rest of your life. "

In addition, do not limit your posts to images and videos in your feed. Randomly posting photos and covers of photos and videos that are being created or shot in the same day on Instagram Stories is a fun and easy way to keep your target users informed about what's happening with your brand. One of the benefits of publishing on Instagram Stories is that these last only 24 hours, which makes it more interesting for users and adds the urgency to view them. Be sure to use filters and add text, stickers, GIFs, and emoticons to your stories to make your posts more appealing to users.

Use only high quality images for your publications

With Instagram posts, the quality of your images is the top priority. The good news is that you do not need to hire a professional photographer or graphic designer to create high quality photos and videos. Search online for free images and ready-to-use templates, and you'll find there's a plethora of free, easy-to-use online tools you can use to create incredible Instagram posts, such as Pexels , Pixabay, Canva and Easil.

If you prefer to take your own pictures, keep some things in mind. First of all, natural light is preferable. If possible, take your pictures outdoors in the morning or on cloudy days. Another thing you need to remember is the rule of thirds. In simple terms, this means that you only spend one-third of the frame on you, the rest being devoted to a negative space (the area around your subject). The rule of thirds application is a great way to get users' eyes on the subject. Finally, you do not need an expensive camera to take breathtaking photos. Even if you only use your smartphone's camera, you can still display excellent visuals for your feed as long as you apply the right techniques.

Connect with your subscribers and keep them engaged

Commitment is the key to getting noticed by the Instagram algorithm, so be sure to keep your followers actively engaged with your posts. One way to do this is to include questions about your captions. You may want to ask simple questions that might encourage users to respond, such as "What do you think?" Or "Do you agree?" You can also add a simple inquiry type question, such as "Which is the best – left or right? ? "

You can also keep your posts attractive by adding relevant hashtags to your captions. If your business is a coffeeshop, do not limit your hashtags to #coffee, #coffeeshop or #cafe. Add other items that your users would also find related to your business, such as #metime, #caffeinefix, #morningroutine, and #energyboost.

In addition, one way for Instagram users to be motivated to share your publications is to organize a publicity contest. Some of the most important criteria for entering the contest would be to follow your Instagram account, share your message, add your specific hashtag to the contest and mark friends on your message. People love to win contests and get free stuff, which will surely boost your visibility and followers.

Sharing user-generated content or "UGC" is another way to make users feel connected to your brand and encourage them to post photos and videos of their own using your products. or staying in your institution, and mark your Instagram account on their posts. When you share UGCs on your feed, do not forget to supplement users or thank them for their posts and mark them on your post. This would allow them to feel appreciated and would probably enhance the loyalty of their brand.

The latest change to the Instagram algorithm may be a little cumbersome at first, but applying these strategies will help you go beyond the algorithm and improve the reach and influence of your brand on this network channel. social. The sooner you can start implementing these tactics, the better for your brand.

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