It's no secret that social media marketing has been very effective and powerful over the past few years, and it will continue to be invaluable in 2021. This is why it's important to know what are the current social media trends to gain an advantage. the competition.

Here, we'll give you an overview of current and useful trends that will help you meet your marketing goals for the year.

Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021

Here are the top social media marketing trends to watch in 2021:

More livestreams and influencing content

2020 has been a booming year for live broadcasts and influencer content due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the canceled concerts and events, there has been an increase in branded live streams, online workshops, and online concerts.

In fact, there was a 50% spike in live viewing on Facebook during the lockdown period. Meanwhile, Instagram views were 70% higher than the year before.

This trend is more likely to continue in 2021 since the pandemic is still ongoing. More human-centric content is expected to be requested.

As a marketer, you can take advantage of this trend by delivering valuable content to your target audience. You can use influencers or experts to increase the credibility of your feeds and content so that people are compelled to watch it.

Social media as a buying channel

Several social media experts say social media will become more of a channel for buying rather than discovery. Indeed, these platforms now make it easier for consumers to buy the products they want without necessarily leaving the platform.

In 2021, more brands are expected to adapt to this development because that is what is most convenient for consumers.

Growth in the number of paying fans

One of the biggest issues that businesses face in social media marketing is the lack of organic reach. However, at the same time, more and more consumers now prefer smaller and more intimate communities such as Facebook groups. As a result, there has been a big shift in the direct-to-consumer space in 2020 in terms of content and e-commerce.

In 2021, the two trends mentioned above are expected to converge and result in a growing paid community that allows customers to access exclusive content or products. This is similar to what is offered by the Membership Club Marketing Strategy.

Increase in goal-oriented and goodwill brands

The new breed of consumers is now intelligent and more vigilant. They are unlikely to support brands that are not sincere or shady. As a result, the connection will be vital for brands to gain consumer trust in 2021.

That's why brands need to dig deep for how to thrive in tough times. In order to do this, they must be in tune with their existence and those they seek to serve. It is expected that there will be more goal-oriented and brand goodwill campaigns in the coming months.

A focus on sustainable development

Majority of consumers prefer environmentally conscious businesses. This is no surprise because in previous years the destruction of the environment has been very evident. In the future, those who make efforts for environmental sustainability will have a greater advantage.

Say you want to build sustainability into your brand's social media marketing strategy. In this case, you can start by choosing the environmental foundations to support. You can also run campaigns that will have a positive impact on your nearby local community.

More visual and audio research

Alexa, Siri, and other similar tools will continue to be widely used. At the same time, there is also an increase in the number of consumers using the Google lens for visual searches.

Due to this trend, marketers need to invest more in sitemaps and alt text for images in order to improve their SEO game. Indeed, companies that have adapted to this trend have already noticed an increase in their digital commerce revenues.

Easy to consume content

2020 was also the year of easy to consume content like podcasts or newsletters. According to studies, more than half of the American population now listens to podcasts. This number even increased during the lockdown period.

As a result, podcasts are becoming an effective new marketing channel, and it is hinted that its success will continue even into 2021. This easy-to-consume content will allow brands to forge a deeper connection with consumers, which in turn will increase. their conscience and reliability.

Best User Generated Content

User-generated content or UGC will skyrocket in 2021. Most consumers these days prefer easy but memorable experiences with brands. They want to have social proof before they decide to buy as a form of reassurance. Besides, no one wants to regret their decision later.

By investing in UGC, you will be able to build and strengthen the communities that support your brand. It will also make your brand comparable and help uplift your audience.

Emphasis on inclusiveness

There was a huge demand for inclusiveness in 2020, especially with the Black Lives Matter movement highlighting persistent systematic issues across different facets of society. As a result, there has been a cultural shift that has impacted consumer behavior.

Over 59% of consumers now prefer retailers who express their perspective on diversity and identity. 29% of them are willing to take the plunge and switch to another brand if they don't show enough inclusiveness.

This shift towards inclusiveness is expected to continue even into 2021. Brands that openly support the movements and causes that drive inclusiveness are expected to acquire a deep connection with consumers.

Final words

If you notice, some trends for 2020 are definitely here to stay. At the same time, there are converging trends that will allow you to make more meaningful connections with potential customers. At the end of the day, knowing them will go a long way in helping you formulate an effective marketing strategy to boost your brand's online presence and overall success.

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