There are dozens of rules to succeed on Instagram. "Post pictures, go online, download stories, interact with others." Sometimes these rules are hard to follow for shy people (AKA you). Even though things are easier online because you are behind the security of your computer, they are always difficult.

We want your brand and / or business to succeed on Instagram, but we know it will only happen if you have the confidence to stand out and promote your business. We understand that it's not just about selfies, but about the ability to promote your business.

Trust comes with practice. When you finally download a selfie, for example, and you realize that it is not so serious, the next is a little easier to download. After ten times, you will find that you can not understand why you were afraid to upload a photo of yourself in the first place. The best advice I'll give you in this article is:

Just do it. Do not think too much and do not give in to fear.

It may seem impossible to make such a choice, but it is not.

1. Think about the people who need you

Whatever your area of ​​activity, there is someone who looks for what you only have. Whatever advice I give you, whether you have tried something that others have told you – visualization, affirmations, and so on. – the best you can do is to do it.

The best motivation you can have is to know that people are waiting for someone like you. The next time you have paused before going live on Instagram because you do not think that someone will look, go anyway, because one day you will have a thousand people watching you and seek only the advice you can offer.

Live live when someone does not look may seem pointless, but consider it as a practical practice when someone is listening, if you have a hundred people, and possibly those thousands of people, are watching.

2. Think of the fact that you deserve it

You have been working night and day for months or even years for this project. For example, many people can work on their beautiful blog, have amazing content and be ready to promote, but they will be stuck in this last part because they are too shy to promote it.

You can also feel that. You may be afraid of what others will say – that you will be bored – but it's only your fears and nerves that speak. In fact, your friends and family will probably be excited when you finally share your first article. One of your random followers could become a fan immediately.

You deserve to see your work, your products and your content. You have worked for this and you deserve to be heard. Remember this.

3. Do not worry about the numbers

We fear being rejected or fail at the beginning of everything we try. The reason we are dissuaded from going live is that we do not think anyone will look at them. We are afraid to download an Instagram story in a certain way, for fear of being judged and rejected. Fears will always be there.

You have the choice. You can either give up before starting, give in … or you can win, win. Do not focus on the number of mentions you get, the number of viewers you receive, or the number of comments in your last post. If you focus on these things, your confidence will remain low.

You are new to Instagram. We have not found you yet. As a result, you will not meet many subscribers who engage in your content. You must be patient and give him time. When you upload something on Instagram, do not worry about the number of likes or comments that it might receive; focus only on the best value you can offer to your subscribers.

4. The others felt that at the beginning

I know that Grant Cardone, Brandon Burchard or even some of the biggest names in fashion never looked scared or frightened at first, but they were exactly in the same situation as you. They too had to overcome their shyness.

It is useful to know that even some of the most successful people in the world have started where you are now, because it can give you hope. Maybe Instagram did not exist at the time these people started their careers, but they too were new to Instagram at some point.

You do not know what you are going for when you enter the unknown. Be like your idols and inspirations. Follow in their footsteps. Do not let something as small as shy be the one that stops you from succeeding.

5. Put yourself in the position of having already succeeded

And if you claimed that you had already succeeded? That your lives on Instagram have been exceptional lives with thousands of viewers, that your messages have received ten thousand mentions I love and that you have received messages from people informing you that you have changed their lives?

If you could imagine how successful you would be, how much easier would it be to go live or download a photo promoting your new course? Put yourself in a state where you have already "created" and confidently charge the success of your content worldwide.

Speak honestly, believe what you say and give value. That's what everyone wants from you. They do not care if you curse or your vocabulary is not great.


You already have all the confidence you need in you. I know it may sound like it's not there, but you just have to tap it. Follow all the steps above and you will find that your confidence is exposed every day more.

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