When they post content on Instagram, companies must optimize it to get noticed by their target audience. One way to do this is to add relevant keywords and hashtags to the textual content of their posts. Another solution is to add a location tag, which is a great way to attract users in the same place and browse photos containing the geolocation of that specific area.

A location tag can be a physical establishment of a company or an area, such as a city or a village. When you add a location tag to your post, it appears at the top of your user name after you publish your post. Users can tap any geolocation tag to see all the photos and videos of people who tagged that location.

Advantages of location marking

With more and more consumers using their smartphones to search for local businesses, adding your company's geotag to your Instagram posts increases your chances of being seen by those who belong to your target niche and who use this app to search for a nearby coffee shop online, or a new product.

According to a report, 70% of smartphone users first use their phone to get product information before making a purchase. More than 50% of people search for videos related to a product or service before going to a store. In another report, Instagram posts featuring location tags enjoy a 79% higher engagement compared to those without geo-tags. Whether you are a neighborhood bookstore or a global brand distributing products in multiple countries around the world, your business will benefit from increased visibility and engagement of location tags.

The addition of the location tag of your company not only allows users to see all your publications with the same label, but also to all the posts of other users who have tagged your company. This can work as a version of word-of-mouth on social media. When they see real photos and videos of real people who have experienced your brand and who love your products or services on Instagram, these publications can motivate them to try your brand. In addition, marking your position on publications can make your existing list of members aware and inspire them to do the same, increasing the reach of your brand to those around them and their families.

How to add a location tag to your message

Adding a place tag to an Instagram photo or video post is easy enough and does not take a lot of time. As long as the Instagram app is installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can use it to add geolocation to your business.

You can add the location tag when you publish a new photo or video, and even for earlier visuals published on your Instagram feed. For new publications, just tap Add Location, enter your company name in the Search field, and choose your company location from the list of options. If you want to add a location tag to older publications, you can do this by pressing the "…" at the top right of the publication to which you want to add the tag, press "Edit," and then on "Add a location" under your user name. , enter the name of your company in the Search field, and choose the location of your company from the list of options.

Creating the location tag for your business

The site tags that you see on Instagram all come from Facebook. As a result, companies with a Facebook page will probably be among the geolocation options on Instagram. For some companies, their location can be found on Facebook even though they do not have a company profile on this social network channel. This happens when their customers have created their geolocation for them, which allows them to mark these companies on their publications.

However, if you have tried to add your company's location tag to Instagram and your business is not an option, you can create a new location on Facebook so you can tag your Instagram posts with your location. Start by pressing the "Create Location" setting in your Facebook account, create a new message, click "Archive", enter your brand name, enter your company information, and send. You can now see the geolocation of your business on Instagram.

Add location stickers to your Instagram stories, too!

In addition to tagging your posts with the location of your business, you can also add a place sticker to your Instagram stories. In doing so, you will be able to expand your reach to Instagram users who are viewing GI stories. When these users press your location sticker, they will be redirected to the same page where all the marked messages of your geolocation appear. As of January 2019, 500 million daily active users on Instagram were watching reports on IG. If you want your brand to be exposed on this social network channel, you should always post stories frequently and add your place tag.

How to add a location tag to your IG stories

To add a place sticker to your Instagram story, start by creating your Instagram story by tapping either the camera icon visible at the top left of your screen, or by swiping in the stream. Take a photo, record a video or make your choice in your gallery, then, in the options displayed at the top of your screen, tap the sticker icon (the smiling square). Tap "Location," and then enter your company name in the Search field and choose your company location from the list of options. From there, you can rotate, resize or move the place sticker, as well as add text to your story. Once you are satisfied with the appearance of everything, press "Your story".

Do not forget to follow!

Once you start adding your place tags to your posts and articles, you'll notice that more and more Instagram users like your posts and that your subscribers are growing. The next step is for you to track the number of views, preferences, and commitment on these geotagged publications. You can find many online tools to help you evaluate the individual performance of your publications and articles, or you can use the built-in Instagram tool called Insights, a free feature of the app.

Using this tool, you can see what kind of publication works for your brand and what time of day or week is best to reach your target audience. Keep using this and tweaking your posts to increase your audience, increase your followers and increase your sales!

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