Show your work.

That's what every professional designer will tell you. Whether you are an artist, a singer-songwriter or a carpenter, if you want to get noticed, you have to share your work. Fortunately, there is an easy way to do it.


It's a social media platform you do not want to sleep on, because here you can share your work, your backstage, your inspiration, and so much more, through visual elements. You are a creator and the creators have fans. You may not see them yet, but they exist, and once you go outside, they will follow you.

There is a problem, however. There is too much noise on Instagram. Millions of other creatives present their work as you are, so if you want to reach people, you must be ready to be different. You have to distract people, ask them to stop scrolling and possibly follow you.

As you would in any industry, you need to stand out. The question is: how do you stand out to build an audience?

Instagram for creative people: how to keep fans crazy

1. Share your work

You may be afraid to share your work because you do not want to be judged or embarrassed, but it's time to overcome that fear. The first thing to do is to share your work. It is not possible to avoid it and you can not become "famous" in your niche if you refuse to show it.

Do not be stingy with that. No one is going to steal directly what you share (the truth is that you never know, but it's unlikely). Moreover, the first people who follow you will not judge you; most likely, they will rent you.

How do you share your work?


Take pictures of everything or save everything (it depends on the type of creation you are). When you have finished writing a song, record yourself singing it and playing it, and you now have a piece of content. If you have completed a new painting, a new sculpture or a new drawing, download the video of your painting or take a picture of the final result.

In the legend, you can explain how you created the concept, what or who inspired you, how long you worked on it, and so on. Create a story that will attract your followers, which intrigues as much as the art itself. Finally, do not forget to use hashtags!


You can post pictures on stories, but that's where you want to record 15 seconds of what you did. Suppose you have recently made a vase and want to share it from every angle. With an Instagram story, you can record and show every square centimeter if you go around this story. You can also talk about it as you do.

If you want to allow your subscribers to sign up, you can use the stickers at your disposal. You have the choice between the cursor sticker, the sounding sticker and the question sticker. If you summarize a new story that you have written, you can add a survey sticker asking "Do you want to read this?". If you have assembled an elephant, you can use the cursor sticker and ask you to like it a lot? Or if you've recently added a new blog post for your lifestyle blog, you can use the question stickers and ask, "Do you have questions about my latest adventure?

You can also use hashtags in stories.


In Instagram, you can do exactly the same thing as in stories and record what you've been working on from all angles. Show off your new bracelets or bookmarks and talk about them. Here, you would talk about what you would write in a caption – the inspiration, the way you invented it, its story, and so on.

You can not use stickers here, but you can encourage people to ask you questions in real time. This will give your subscribers a chance to interact with you. Think of them as impromptu questions and answers. People like questions and answers because they have the opportunity to ask you what they want.

2. Show the scenes

Although people like to see, read and / or hear your finished work, they also like to see the process. They like to know how you could call something "finished work". It is there that they discover how they connect with you at the human level and find ways to improve. You will find that you will inspire some to emulate your process and achieve results.

Show the "failure"

They want to see notes on the desk, the paper you printed with all the changes, and the trash can contain bad ideas. They want to see how you have "failed" on your path to success because it makes you more accessible. When your subscribers also see someone they admire, everyone suddenly becomes more human and people can communicate better with you.

Show inspiration

How did you get your ideas? Share this. Share the song you were listening to, when you had the idea of ​​a new pin directly from Spotify. Give the title of the movie that inspired your new sticker. Creative people can get inspiration from everything, so take a picture or talk about the color of the sky, the book, the quote or even the yellow banana that inspired your new t-shirt.

Show current work

Ask a friend or family member to take a picture of you while you work. Whether you sit in front of your laptop, have a newspaper in front of you, or work on your messy desk, people will love seeing you work. Zoom into the headphones in your ears and talk about what you are listening to as you work. Mention the small details, such as the way you like to watch TV because you can not stay silent while you work.

As a creative, just share.

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