Your bio is the first thing visitors see when they visit your IG page. And although it may seem simple, you have to get creative in attracting and impressing potential subscribers and clients / customers.

We have countless articles on how to create a powerful Instagram bio, but most of them only touch the surface.

Fortunately, today we have a checklist for you to know exactly how to create the perfect bio, whether you are just starting out or your existing bio is not effective enough.

The list covers everything that will have you grabbing the attention of potential customers in seconds. Here we are.

Element # 1: Is the profile name optimized and search friendly?

Instagram might not be a search engine, but search optimization is an important part of creating this perfectly engaging bio. The first thing to do is to make sure that your name is optimized for search queries.

If you are an individual, you can do so with your name and a keyword relevant to your industry. So, candace_nurse works well for a nurse named Candace. This clarifies your position because people can easily identify the correct account.

Names and usernames are important to the Instagram algorithm, so you should optimize both for maximum exposure. Just think about what keywords potential subscribers are looking for and choose the easiest one they're likely to type in.

It doesn't matter as much to brands. Since you have a business name, this will likely be your username.

Point 2: Does your biography highlight your skills / services and your target audiences?

No biography is complete without a quick overview of what you are offering and who you are gifting it to. You want to take your time to define and reach your target audience, and this should be clearly reflected in your bio.

Brands that do well will reap clear benefits from this: Customers / prospects have a clear view of your skills or products / services in order to determine whether they should stay or not. By defining your audience, potentials can confirm that your page is for them.

Compact and compelling is the key here. Whether you have a business, creative, or personal account, you can be as creative as you want.

Point 3: Does it include relevant keywords?

Keywords aren't as valuable when placed in your bio, compared to your profile name and username. Targeted keywords can further strengthen your bio and make it easier for users to find your page.

These types of keywords force you to examine your niche and your audience. What are the weak points, core values ​​or common interests?

You can take your Instagram marketing a step further by creating some sort of buyer persona. Call it a follower character. As a brand owner or marketer, you need to understand the market enough to find keywords that resonate with customers / potential customers.

Point # 4: does it have your contact details?

Contact information is very vital when it comes to Instagram marketing. You only need a business account and then you have the option to include your email address, phone number, and physical address.

These details appear separately so they don't take up space in your Instagram bio. Contact information makes it easy for existing and potential prospects to contact you, reaching your business for inquiries that can lead to more engagements and sales.

And whenever anyone is curious about something related to your business, brand or products / services, the contact info block serves as a visual prompt.

Point # 5: Does it show your personality and creativity?

Never hesitate to show some personality in your IG bio. One idea to unleash your creativity is to include branded emojis and hashtags.

Have as much fun as you can. Aside from keywords, contact information, and target audience, a unique bio will always grab attention as soon as it meets the eye.

Short is fun, so you can use line breaks to make your content more digestible. One trick is to format the bio on the web app rather than the mobile app.

Branded hashtags are another case. Placing them in your bio can endow your page with increased engagement, especially during a contest or any other interactive activity that may benefit from immediate attention.

And even when you're not promoting any activity, including branded hashtags in your bio can burn the idea of ​​using it on the minds of your followers.

Emojis are fun ways to break lines in your Instagram bio, making your text easy to read and ready to wow potential followers.

Extra: Instagram bio tools

  • Symbols and fancy text: CoolSymbol, MessLetters, FSymbols,

  • Font generators: FontGet, LingoJam,,, Ingramer, FontsForInstagram.

  • Line breaks: Apps4Life, InstagramLineBreak, Insta-Space,

  • Link tools:,,,

  • Quick recap

    • Make sure your profile name is well optimized

    • Provide a concise and compelling overview of who your business / personality appeals to and what products / skills you offer

    • Use targeted keywords fueled by a subscribed character

    • Write your contact details so your audience can get in touch

    • Show creativity and personality; try to do something different

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