If you want to succeed, there are some things you should do on Instagram every day. Being consistent is very important because when you show that you are engaged, your followers come to depend on you. Showing yourself allows your followers to trust you. You not only win supporters, but you keep them

Are you ready to introduce yourself every day? I hope you are there because we want you to succeed, and although you can go further while remaining inconsistent, you will do it ten times further by being there every day.

If you want to succeed on Instagram, here are 7 things you should do every day

1. Download photos / videos

It is no longer a subject that can be debated. You have to download on Instagram every day. Some people will tell you to post once or twice a day, others two to four (I've never heard anyone say more than four times a day), but it's up to you. Do what is best for your audience and determine best by experimenting. The amount is questionable, but the download is not.

You do not want to just download the content you create, you want to create compelling content. Upload photos and videos your followers will love to get preferences, favorites, shares, and comments. (You can view this information with a company profile.)

2. Create stories on Instagram

Instagram stories are very popular. According to Business News Daily, they are more popular than Facebook Stories. You do not just want to download everyday on the Instagram timeline, you also want to download stories. Do not be afraid to run out of content ideas, because Instagram stories require different content.

In Instagram stories, you can save the view from your hotel, quickly talk about something you are considering, or take pictures of what you are working on. Instagram stories are behind-the-scenes, minute-by-minute content, while regular posts are planned (if you're a brand or a business, that's to say). People will like to have a glimpse of your life in your stories.

3. Interact with your followers in your stories

There are no rules regarding the number of Instagram stories to download per day. However, you should download at least one story each day allowing your subscribers to interact with you. You can ask people to tell you where they have questions, but the best thing to do is to use stickers.

There are many stickers available to you, but the questions, polls and slider stickers are the ones that allow your subscribers to interact with you. With the question sticker, your subscribers can ask you a question or vice versa. You can have a poll and let your subscribers vote with the poll sticker. The slider sticker is great for determining how much your subscribers like or do not like something.

4. Reply to comments

You must reply to comments under your messages. Your followers take the time to engage with you; The least you can do is interact. If you have too many, you do not have to answer all the comments, but at least ten of them. You want your followers to know that you are there for them and that you appreciate them.

Remember, some things are not better not to say. "Heart" as many comments as you can, then answer. Your followers notice that when you do not interact, they will be bored and you will lose followers.

5. Respond to SM

Your general subscribers can not see when you respond to direct messages on Instagram unless you capture and share the DM or the person you responded to does the same. However, not everything is meant to attract more attention. You want to respond to your DM because you want your subscribers to know that you are grateful to them.

Think about it. If someone you are looking to answer to your SM, would not you feel special? Would not you love them and respect them for taking the time to do it? Responding to a deputy minister can affect only one person, but that person counts. So, take the time to answer the DMs because not everybody does it, and it's a special thing to do.

6. Trend research / research

You want to stay informed about the content you publish. If you post a message that was popular two years ago and everyone forgets it, it's not as cool as you think. For example, the Ten Year Challenge is always very popular, but if you do it three months later, you will only feel like you're trying too hard and you're failing.

Look for new trends every day, not just on Instagram, but on other social networking platforms, to see if they can be applied to Instagram. Go to your crawl page, find the hashtags that apply to your niche, and check the Instagram profiles of people in your space. What do they publish and how do their subscribers interact with this content? Stay up to date and your subscribers will love your content.

7. Interact with those you follow / people with whom you want to be friends

This is something you want to do mainly for you. You want to connect with influencers or even people you admire who may not have a lot of followers because they are the people you can do business with. Do not connect only to people who have more than 10,000 subscribers because you want to use them to promote your business.

Connect with people (commenting on their posts each time, commenting on them, etc.) with whom you really want to be friends because they seem to be exceptional people because you want to give them value. If you try to connect with someone just to use it, he will be able to know it. So, be real and genuine, and only befriend those you just want to give back. Later, if you do business with them, it's great.

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