You never know what to do on Instagram. You're looking for Google who, what, when, where, how and why, and thousands of results appear. You do not know what to click on and when you do it, you do not know who to listen to. There are conflicting "rules" about when to download images, how many messages you need to post, and more.

We understand that with the overload of information that exists, this can be a little confusing. That's why we wrote this article with some of the best practices for gaining more followers for brands on Instagram.

In the end, you'll know what to do to get you started on Instagram. Follow them, do them constantly and see what comes out of them.

Best practices for brands to earn more followers on Instagram

1. Download every day

Although the topics of when and how many topics are constantly debated and never approved, everyone will tell you to post each day. While most bloggers save data about when messages are posted, the reason they differ is that they analyze their own data. Unless you share the same niche and subscribers, you may find that their data does not work for you.

The variable that stays constant here downloads every day. In my opinion (and in the opinion of some others), it is best to experience the timing and frequency of publication. However, download every day. When people notice that you are constantly present on Instagram, they are more likely to follow you than if you only publish once a week.

2. Know your followers

You can be on Instagram to promote your brand, your company or your blog, but in the end, you are there to bring value. Understanding who your followers are is key. You must know what they like, how they like it, when they like it and why.

You must identify your ideal client and give him the content that he wants to see. Understanding who your followers are is about knowing who cares about you and who does not. You can promote ads for one week directly to the same person, but if they are apathetic about what you are doing, you will not be able to break the barrier between the two of you. The person you are targeting must be concerned about what you are proposing to him. They must have a problem that they must solve desperately.

How to get to know your followers:

  • Ask questions on Instagram Stories (use the Questions, Poll and / or Slider stickers)
  • Associate them with a survey (use the 'Swipe Up' option on Instagram stories or share the link in your biography)
  • See who they follow, what they comment on and what they like (access this information by going to the "heart" at the bottom, then click on the "Next" tab on this page).
  • DM followers directly and ask them what they would like to see
  • Study your analyzes (access with company profile) and determine what is driving the most commitment.

Give your fans what they want, and others will come to meet you.

3. Get involved with your followers

You will not be surprised at the number of people who work hard and spend money to earn more followers, but when they hire them, they are ignored. Earning followers is one thing, but keeping them is another. You must engage with your Instagram followers.

Interact with your subscribers means:

  • reply / like their comments
  • meet their DM
  • answer their questions about your Instagram life
    like and comment on their publications (if you follow them)
  • giving them a chance to interact

If you do not associate with your subscribers, you say you do not care.

For example, you uploaded an image yesterday and now has five comments. Answering five comments should only take a few minutes, but you have not done it. One of these people will later click on the comments and notice that you have not responded to any of them. They will start to assume that you do not care. Why should they give you the time of day?

You do not respond to any of their comments, even if you only have a few, they do not follow you anymore.

4. Be creative

There are millions of active Instagram accounts. Millions of people are trying to get more readers on their blog, selling their products and promoting their businesses. You are just another of these people. The first day, you will not gain a hundred followers, you will simply think that you are different and original.

You have to get to work and work to stand out. People download countless images every day, so why would someone stop to look and look like yours? What will you bring out?

Being creative and original does not mean you have to invent a type of photo that no one has ever uploaded to Instagram. This means that you create a story with your photo. A unique story for you and your brand.

Rather than displaying a photo of your product (a stuffed animal, for example), what happens if you take a picture of your napping and cuddling daughter?

Do not just sell the stuffed animal, sell the experience. Most people do not care about the stuffed animal, they want their child to feel safe at night. They do not want the product, they want the feeling. If you can get user-generated content, it's even better because it's like a testimony and a testimonial work.

Be creative. Tell stories.

5. Use the trends to your advantage

Search your niche for vacancies, trends or big zany events where you can turn your Instagram content. For example, if you host a podcast, September 30th is the International Podcast Day. This is the perfect time to download something related to your podcast and mention the holidays.

Create messages from your messages, as does entrepreneur Lewis Howes. Keep an eye on what's popular and use it to your advantage. You want to stay relevant and people remember you because you are fun.

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