It does not matter if you have 100,000, 10,000 or 1,000 subscribers on Instagram. If you have established yourself as a constant presence, a trustworthy person and that people really listen to, you can make money on Instagram.

If your subscribers actually interact with you, as they like your photos, your comments, monitor your life, send you direct messages, etc., and that they are watching / reading your content outside of Instagram as well, then you are arrived at a place where You can try some of the methods below to start making money on Instagram.

1. Make sponsored brands

One of the most popular ways to influence influencers via Instagram is to publish sponsored articles for brands. This means that a company that shares your ideal (but new) audience will address you to promote one of its products because you have a wide audience.

Each brand offers a different amount, but if it wants to invest, it's because you're going to introduce a new group of people to it, and because these people love you, they're more likely to buy the things you want. recommends. Trademarks will usually give you a discount code specific to your subscribers. This makes your subscribers even more inclined to buy because they have to save money just by knowing who you are.

Jumper Media states, "If you want to work with brands, you have to make your intention clear." You have to wait for the brands to contact you, and if you want that to happen, let them know who you are.

To do this, you can mark them in your messages when you share an item. For example, let's say you like Gym Shark workout clothes. You can take pictures of your outfits, selfies or not, and tag them every time. Gym Shark will eventually find that you tag them permanently, click on your profile and realize that you have lots of subscribers they can take advantage of. From there, they will reach out.

You must have your e-mail link, where you specify where people can reach you for any business-related questions in your biography, or your website's link to your profile page. If you have a link to your website, make sure you have a contact page on it. Make it easy for brands to contact you if they wish you to do a sponsored publication.

A warning, however. I know you'll be eager to get started on your first sponsored message once the brand is reached, but make sure the brand interests your followers. If you're Instagram, that's good travel and food, but The make-up brand wants to work with you, that makes no sense, and your followers would not like the partnership. Your followers must come first.

2. Make a product and sell it

If you still do not want to work with other people, you can also create your own product. Whether you're writing a book, doing a course online, or building a physical product, it depends on you. It would take a lot of work, but based on what thousands of bloggers are doing nowadays, just by creating a permanent path every day, it's worth it.

Just like sponsorships and all that is not, you need to think about what might interest your subscribers. If your subscribers are busy travelers like you who do not have much time to read, writing a book may not be the best idea. But if you make a hat with your logo on it, it might interest them. You can also create an app that makes it easier for them, helps them communicate better with you, or any other idea you can offer.

Once you have created the product, you must promote it to your subscribers on Instagram while continuing to post your photos and other content. You put the product in front of them, you talk about the benefits and you send them to the link of your bio. The link will take them to a subscription page or sales page where your subscribers can make the purchase.

3. Pair with brands

There is a difference between creating sponsored publications for a brand and associating with a brand. This combines the first way of working with other brands to make money on Instagram which we talked about earlier, and the second way to create your own product.

Create a package

Suppose you have created an application. If you're a baker and you've written a recipe book about your desserts as an app, you can find a brand related to yours that also offers a product. Together, you would sell your products in a batch.

For example, suppose you found another brand of pastry. This brand sells cooking materials that they have created. You could get together to sell the package "Become the best baker possible" in which the buyer gets your app at $ 10.00 for $ 6.00, and a blender of other brand ranging from 20, $ 00 to $ 12.00. So, instead of paying $ 30.00 for everything, they pay $ 18.00 with your special package. It's a fantastic deal!

How you spread the money between you and the other brand is entirely up to you.

Promo for promo

In addition to creating bundles with other brands, you can also partner with another brand to promote each other's products. Basically, you would do a sponsored post, but this time you can contact the other brand yourself and agree to do a type of exchange. You would make a sponsored post for this brand, and the brand would do the same for you.

You can find other brands that sell things like you by directly questioning your subscribers or by searching them on Instagram using hashtags.

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