If you have created a company or brand, you already know who your ideal customer is. (If you do not know, you should know it first, because without knowing exactly who she or he is, it will be a bit difficult.)

Now that you're on Instagram and want to create a sequel, it's time to target those same people. If you remember finding your ideal client, you will remember all those questions that a branding expert has probably asked you to say what he likes, where he lives, who he is, etc.

If you want to know where your ideal customer is on Instagram, we'll have to answer questions again. This time, however, they will be linked to Instagram. If you really know who your ideal client is (and you should do it), then answering these questions will not be as difficult as the first ones.

If you can answer these 8 questions, you can find your ideal client on Instagram.

Question # 1: Who is my ideal client on Instagram?

You know who your ideal client is and you know who they like. Do people like them on Instagram? These are the people they will follow. Say your ideal client likes Pat Flynn. Go to Pat Flynn's list of 'followers', then click on random people profiles. Some of them will probably be your ideal client.

Do not steal Pat Flynn's followers, but do some research. Once you have arrived at the random person, go to their "next" list. Then click again on the names of these people and determine why your ideal client is following them. What kind of content do they publish? How often? You can also do it with your own subscribers and check out their "next" list to see who they are following and what images / videos they like.

When we ask "who do they follow," we mean brands or companies. These brands or companies will likely be related to you. For example, if someone follows you, a fashion blogger, it is likely that he is also following other fashion bloggers.

Question 2: Which hashtags do they follow?

If you know the type of things your ideal customer likes, then you know what hashtags they follow. If you are an office sales company and your ideal client is obsessed with the organization, he will follow (or at least visit) #desks. Make a list of hashtags that might be linked (for example, #desksetup, #setupspace, #workstation).

In a hashtag page on Instagram, you'll find other related hashtags. Write them too. Look for hashtags that contain a lot of content, but are not so cluttered that your image will be lost in two seconds flat. Stay away from the millions.

Question # 3: What Instagram stories do they watch?

Unfortunately, unless you ask them, there is no way to know exactly who is looking at your ideal client. However, you can make an educated guess. Go into this person's stories and look at his content. Why does your ideal client like them?

Question n ° 4: do they watch IGTV? If so, who are they watching?

Again, as above, you can not exactly identify the client that your ideal client is watching on IGTV, but you can guess. It's like when you're answering questions like this for the first time when you were trying to determine, by yourself, who your ideal client was.

Questions # 5: What kind of content do they like?

I guess you have already followed something on Instagram (even if there are less than a hundred people). In your notifications page, there are two tabs. This is by default the 'You' tab, but is right next to a 'next tag'. In this section, you can see the content that your followers like and who they follow. Although you can also pay attention to those who follow them, we will talk about the pictures.

Ask yourself, "Why did they like this photo?" Is there a photo of the product or maybe an application? What does the legend say? Are there people in the photo? Is this an inspiring quote? Is it a photo or a video? Did they comment? What could you do similar to this picture?

Question # 6: Do they leave comments? If so, who are these pictures left commented on?

Although you can research many of these questions, some ask you to guess. However, you must know who your ideal client is, which means that you should be able to understand who he is commenting on and why he is commenting on it.

People follow who they like and who likes is usually correlated. For example, an aspiring entrepreneur can follow Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone and Arianna Huffington. Therefore, if they hurt you (a business owner who likes to inspire others to start their own business), they can very well follow you. Find out if your follower (who follows you) comments on their images. What specific images or videos are they commenting on?

Question # 7: What time are they most often on Instagram?

If you have a corporate profile (if it's not the case, I highly recommend you change it), you can view your Instagram analytics. There is a section in this section where you can find out what time your subscribers are at maximum on a given day.

You can find this section by accessing your preview and then the third tab labeled "public" located at the top of the screen. You will find a section called "followers" at the bottom. You can watch the hours and days. Go on Instagram during this time and pay attention to what they like and who they follow in your "follow" tab on the notifications page.

Bonus tip *

I am confident that you currently have at least one subscriber on Instagram that turns out to be your ideal client. Get in touch with them. A first thing to do when you first figured out who your ideal client was was to interview someone you trust, it was an ideal client. You asked them the questions you had already answered. Do the same thing here. Send a direct message to this subscriber and ask him if you can question him, because you want to know him better. You can talk to it, connect to Google Chat, or call. It would be easier, however, to really speak.

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