You may think that writing good captions for your image or video messages on your Instagram feed may not be so important, but it plays a major role in engaging your subscribers and is essential for your target users to get noticed in the Instagram community. With the latest updates to the Instagram algorithm, publications that are of great interest (which means they have lots of preferences, comments and sharing) are considered content of high quality. These publications tend to appear on the flow of Internet users. become more visible to Instagram users.

What's a good Instagram legend?

In general, a good Instagram legend provides contextual information, expresses the personality of your brand and encourages your subscribers to take action. There is no absolute rule, in fact. You can write a few words or lengthen your caption up to 2,200 characters (maximum limit for Instagram captions), be funny or serious, tell a story or share a quote. The main goal is to entice your audience to engage.

So, how do you find an incredible legend for every job? Here's your ultimate guide to writing a stellar legend every time you post to Instagram:

Start with a plan

Instead of thinking about the caption to write when you post an image in your feed, plan your posts in advance and write a rough draft for each post. This way, you can review your subtitles, ask other people to view and comment on them, and make the necessary changes before publishing your post.

An Instagram content calendar would be very useful not only for writing drafts for your captions, but also for planning your Instagram feed. You can plan for next month, the next quarter or for the entire year. When planning, think about the theme you want for each month and make sure all your visual and textual content is aligned with that theme. It would be a good idea to incorporate some occasions or holidays into your theme of the month, such as National Teacher's Day, Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.

Start with important details

Your legends should always start with the important details. Indeed, after 3 to 4 lines of text, Instagram legends are truncated. By first adding all important information and starting your caption with engaging content, you can increase the amount of time your audience spends viewing your message.

This tip is especially useful when you are hosting an Instagram challenge or contest. By starting your caption with "Take this Month's Challenge!" Or "Free Time!", You can get your audience to read the full caption and participate in your activity.

Add Emojis

Emojis may seem fun to watch, but they also serve a more important purpose to your legends. Adding emojis not only draws users' attention to your text, but also highlights specific details you want to note. For example, adding ✨ or before and after a sentence, you emphasize this sentence. If you list several elements, such as the criteria of your Instagram contest, adding ? to each point would make it easier for your audience to record each detail. If you have a special ad, such as a sale or special promotion, it helps people better see your ad.

Add a call to action convincing

Adding a call to action at the end of your Instagram legend is a great way to motivate your audience to engage. A simple "comment below!" Or a question inviting them to share their thoughts on your publication can give rise to many comments. If you want your publication to be exposed to a greater number of users, you can add "Mark someone who might like it!" To your caption so that your subscribers are encouraged to share your publication with theirs. family and their friends. You can also share a link from your online store or a promotions page on your bio and invite your audience to click on the link in our bio to increase traffic and online sales revenue on your site.

Your brand voice needs to be consistent

With Instagram, it's about telling a story, with the visuals you post and your legends. And when you tell a story article by article, it's essential to have a consistent brand voice. This means that your Instagram captions should look like your content on all other social networks and marketing channels you are on.

By maintaining a consistent brand voice in all your legends, you can establish a strong brand identity on Instagram. The people who started following you would not be confused as to who you are as a brand and each publication would give the impression of continuing the conversation you had the first time they saw your posting on Instagram. A consistent brand voice keeps your followers engaged and reinforces the connection you have made with them.

Add captions to captions

Including the handles of other brands, influencers and customers is a great way to invite these people to engage with your brand. The mentions are one of the most effective ways to connect with other Instagram users and let you know each other from your respective subscribers. Whenever you post a picture or video with another person or brand, add their nickname to your caption, instead of just marking them in the message. Not everyone taps on the picture or video to see who is tagged. The addition of these handles in your captions makes it easier for your audience to see them. This also applies when you share user-generated content. Marking these people is a way of showing them that you appreciate them and that you really intend to create that connection with them.

Writing fascinating content for your Instagram legends can greatly affect your visibility on Instagram and create a positive engagement rate among your audience. Taking the time to create a stellar caption for each post you add to your Instagram account can have a dramatic impact on your tracking. So, make sure you take notes and apply these tips immediately!

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