You have an Instagram account because you have to do it. You want to reach new people, promote your brand or your business and have a space to share a more personal aspect of you. There is however a problem. You do not have time to create an Instagram account.

What to do? (Do not worry, I will not tell you to get up early or sleep later because, if you're busy, your sleep schedule is probably already as tight as possible.)

1. Opening hours

There are a myriad of websites that allow you to schedule social media posts, including posts on Instagram. The problem, however, is that Instagram does not allow any third-party websites to post to Instagram without your permission.

You can schedule publications with a caption, hashtags and everything you need, then set the time and date. However, when the message will be sent to Instagram, it will notify you and you will need to copy and paste (in a few clicks, depending on the platform you choose) the message on Instagram. Usually, the post appears on its own if it is Facebook or Twitter, but as I mentioned, Instagram does not allow it.

Planning speeds up the process, but you still need to post. If you're interested in something like this, most planning platforms offer free trials and you can see for yourself if it's worth investing. Here are some popular programs (all packages vary by user, account, etc.):

  • Hootsuite (30-day free trial, $ 29 / month – billed annually)
  • Meet Edgar (14-day free trial, $ 49 / month)
  • Sprout Social (30-day free trial, $ 99 / month – standard package)
  • Loomly (15-day free trial, $ 27 / month)
  • Stamp (free for all, pro: free 7 days, $ 15 / month)

2. Bulk (save as drafts)

I know you claim you do not have the time, but if you had planned an hour a week to create enough Instagram posts for a week, you would not be afraid of having to fight to create an Instagram post for that. . day. It's less annoying and much more efficient. Once you've created the articles you need for the week, you can save them directly as drafts on Instagram.

Upload the photo, write a caption, add the hashtags, then, to remember nothing, set an alarm for an hour during which you know you're free, and that's when you download the publication . It only takes few seconds.

3. Save your hashtags

You know the importance of hashtags and how searching for vouchers can change the amount of commitment you receive. It's something you only have to do once. It is therefore useful to take the time that suits you to do it.

Go to Instagram and search for the hashtags that work best for you. Examine all the articles you are likely to download and determine which hashtags would be the best. Whether you want to have thirty hashtags or just fifteen for each position is yours, since some people say that one works and the other does not work. It is worthwhile to experiment.

Once you have found the hashtags, save them all in your notes application based on the type of publication. When you download, all you have to do is copy and paste the hashtags rather than presenting them immediately.

4. Publish less

Although this may seem contrary to what you have heard, it only applies to you if you download three to four times a day. Some will say that downloading twice a day is not enough, but others say they have succeeded with only two publications a day.

If you download four to five times a day, you can go down to two or three messages. It's another thing to experiment.

5. Hire a social media manager

There are social media managers everywhere. You can ask a friend if he knows social network managers, you can tell your audience that you are looking for one and accept applications, or you can download an offer on a freelance website like Upwork. .

Tell your social media manager what kind of postings to make, your brand colors, etc., and give them the password for your Instagram account. You will need to provide them with pictures of yourself because they do not have any, and where they can find your quotes. You can also provide them with new quotes.

6. Use Instagram in your "free time"

Listen to me before you laugh and roll your eyes. When I say using Instagram during your free time, I do not mean using it when you have scheduled a break after seven hours of work. I mean, use it in unscheduled free time that only lasts five to ten minutes. For example, when you sit in an Uber and rush for your next meeting, instead of looking out the window at the city you've seen a million times, use that time to download an Instagram post. (Or, you can even save your ride and add a text saying, "On the way to ____!"

When you're waiting at the back of a stage because you're up in seven minutes, go to Instagram. Instagram lives are of all durations and a five minute life is perfectly normal. Take the time to talk about your progress, what you are doing and what you are going to talk about. Your followers would like to see what you are doing.

But as you can see, when you think about the free time you have between two events, it's a lot easier to take that time to upload a photo, a story, or go live on Instagram. It's about finding time in nooks and crannies. Never give up what could potentially help your business grow simply because you can not find the time; you really have to look for it.

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