Organizing gifts is an underrated means of gaining followers. If done correctly, you can earn more than one hundred followers by making a single donation. We will talk about how to organize gifts to gain more followers by yourself, and how you can do this by organizing gifts with others.

How to get more followers on Instagram by organizing gifts

1. How to organize a gift for yourself

Choose the gift product

If you want to organize a gift by yourself, the first thing to determine is what you want to give. You can give your product, an online course, a book, a phone call with you, a gift card or anything else that can persuade people to follow you.

You can offer the product in one of three ways:

  • Give your product for free and offer free shipping
  • Offer your product for free and have the winner pay for the shipment
  • Offer the best discount you can offer (ie $ 200.00 online course for $ 10.00)

Whatever you decide, the gift must be the best thing you can offer. Of course, free things always work better.

Choose the rules

Rules are the most important thing in a gift. When you make a gift, you must establish rules allowing people to enter. These rules are the epitome of buying a raffle ticket. You can set different types of rules and have as many as you want.

If you want to get as many subscribers as possible, you have to respect two rules. Your first rule should be: "Follow this account to enter." Your second rule should be: "You must associate two people with a tag." The latter does not give them an extra "raffle ticket". It is mandatory for an entry. count.

So now you have one. When this person identifies two people who, in his opinion, might be interested in the gift, these marked people will also have to follow you if they wish to participate. It's a cycle, and it's just with this group of people. Others will do the same thing.

Here is an example of rules:

  • Be sure to follow @YourAccount
  • Tag 2 friends in comments
  • Extra entry: take a photo of this photo and post it on your story (Tag me)
  • Announce it

    You have your promotional product and you have chosen your rules. You must now advertise it on Instagram. You need to make two slides on the Instagram post. Your first photo will be the name of the gift and a photo of the article you are going to give.

    The second image will have a list of rules. You can see an example of the two above. You must give a name to your gift. It does not have to be spectacular – it may just be the name of your product – but name it.

    Make sure the rules are clear and easy to read, and specify in the first image that there are rules in the next image. In the caption, write the rules, what the contest winner will win and any additional information you want to mention. Give the gift an end date; the length is yours.

    Choose a winner

    That's when hard work begins. You will have to review all comments and write them on a website that will randomly choose a winner for you. If there are too many names, ask someone to help you out.

    Once you have entered all the names in the Random Name Selector, you must register your screen with your phone when you click "Send" and then capture the winner's name. People want to make sure you do not lie and do not cheat. Before announcing the winner on Instagram, you must check if the winner has followed all the rules.

    The winner could have easily commented, but maybe they forgot to like the photo. Fortunately, Instagram has the ability to search for a user name in the list of people who liked your gift picture, as well as a follower in your list of "subscribers". Look for the person in both lists, and if they followed all the rules, you can advertise it.

    If the person does not follow all the rules, record a new video in which you choose a new winner. Follow the same steps.

    That's all

    Take a look at your list of subscribers after the contest. It is likely that you have gained much more than you thought. You are about to lose a few subscribers once the game is over, but it will not be more than a handful.

    2. How to organize a gift with other people

    The same rules apply to hosting a gift with other people than when you host one by yourself. I recommend reading above, then read these additional instructions to arrange a gift with other people.

    • You need to find a brand or company to make a gift with who does something related to what you do.
    • When you choose your products, they must all be correlated. You can make an "Ultimate Painter Gift" in which you give a brush and your partner a lesson. You do not want to organize a gift in which you give a brush and your partner a scented candle. It's a coincidence, it does not make sense, and people will not come in.
    • When a person participates in the contest, she must follow the accounts of all persons participating as hosts.
    • Everyone must accept the rules and publish the content of the gift on their respective accounts.
    • Everyone needs to check their own comments and write the names. You will need to pick a person to enter all the names in the Winner Builder.
    • Announce the winner on all Instagram accounts. A person must direct the winner to the recipient to ask him for the information needed for the shipment, etc.

    The only difference between organizing a gift by yourself and with other brands is that you reach many more people and that you gain more followers by working with others.

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