Whenever you post a message with hashtags, these will allow Instagram users, who do not follow your brand's account, to discover your content. As for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, the addition of Instagram hashtags to photos and videos is used to catalog them, so that people interested in a particular topic can see the associated content. So, if you're a coffee owner posting a photo of a hot latte, using the #coffee, #caffeine, and #latte hashtags would make it easy for people who like coffee to see your message when they choose to post messages. of this hashtag.

Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags on a message. If you want to add others, one trick is to add a comment, which leaves you 30 more hashtags to add to the first 30 accompanying your caption. But how do you choose and use hashtags on Instagram? Keep reading to learn some useful tips:

Do not go for the popular hashtags

Adding popular hashtags with millions of messages does not guarantee that you will get a ton of likes and comments. If you want your publications to be noticed by the right people, the best way to choose your hashtags is to check which ones your target audience, competitors and industry leaders are using for their publications. Hashtags with a narrower scope receive more user engagement. For example, if you post a photo to promote your coffee, instead of using the hashtag #coffee, which has over 100 million messages, you can use #coffeeshop, which has 7.5 million messages, for get more commitment.

Learn more about your audience

Adding random hashtags at the end of your captions will not be effective in attracting your target audience and increasing your audience. You must search for the hashtags used by your target audience and choose the ones that match your message. Always keep in mind that your hashtags must be relevant and contain the keywords that your target users use when they search on Instagram.

Learn more about your competitors

You should also check your competitors' Instagram accounts and see which hashtags they use. This helps you identify which hashtags have the most engagement. Although you may not have thought about competing on these hashtags, you may be able to see what your target users are using and talking about.

Discover what industry leaders are using

Another effective way to determine the hashtags you should use for your publications is to follow Instagram influencers, people who are very well followed on social networks and addressing the same audience. Find out who the influencers are in your niche and browse their legends to find inspiration for the hashtag.

Search for related hashtags

Tap on the search icon at the bottom of the Instagram app, type your own hashtag in the search box, then choose "Tags" in the selection bar to see all the associated hashtags, sorted by the most popular. In this list, you can choose the ones that best fit your message.

Add hashtags in all your posts and stories

Hashtags expand your reach and allow your posts to be discovered by Instagram users who do not yet track your brand. So, whenever you publish something, be sure to add hashtags in your captions.

Decide how many hashtags to use

There is no hard and fast rule for determining the number of hashtags to add to your captions. Alex Tooby, Instagram expert, recommends using the maximum number of hashtags allowed, which is 30, which increases your chances of being discovered. Klear, on the other hand, simply recommends adding two hashtags to get the optimal number of commitments. It's up to you to decide. You can try one strategy then the other and see which one is right for you.

Add different hashtags to each message

Do not forget to edit your Instagram hashtags in every content you post to avoid being "spammed". You can save a list of common hashtags that you want to add to all your messages, and then add some additional hashtags relevant to your message. For example, for a coffeeshop, you can have hashtags #coffeeshop, #cafe and a brand hashtag in all your posts, and then add #cappuccino if you publish about this drink.

Choose the hashtags you want to be in

When you click on a hashtag on Instagram, you will see two sub-tabs titled "Top" and "Recent". The most engaging publications usually appear in the "Top" section, and most users prefer to view this chart only in recent publications. If you want to be seen in the grid of the most important positions, you must create a ton of tastes and commitments in the first 24 hours after publication. For more tastes, choose from a very popular hashtag or a smaller, targeted hashtag. If you are still trying to win followers, the best option for you is to follow the trend in this one.

Once you have chosen the hashtag to follow, be sure to motivate your audience by writing a compelling caption with a call to action in the end. This call for action can take the form of a question or an invitation to tag their friends. The more comments there are, the greater your visibility and commitment. And the greater the commitment, the more likely you are to go to the top of the grid!

Hashtags are very useful for brands that want to get noticed by their target audience on Instagram. But, as you can see, adding hashtags requires a lot of research, if you want to be successful in increasing your brand's visibility and attracting more publicists to this social media channel. By following the tips we have listed, you can expect to attract more people using the correct hashtags, in the right way.

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