Are you one of those who want to do a live session on Instagram but who dread being in front of viewers in real time? Or have you ever tried to organize an Instagram Live session but it did not go well and you can not resolve to redo it? You are not alone. Everyone does not know how to behave in front of the camera and many people become nervous and shy when they broadcast live.

However, whether you like it or not, you should soon access Instagram Live. Why? Because this social media feature is a very effective channel to reach your target audience, increase the number of your followers and, therefore, increase your customers and your revenue. Whatever your reasons for not using this feature to increase your visibility on Instagram, you can overcome them by focusing on all the benefits that online publishing can bring to your business.

Benefits of streaming on Instagram Live

Increases the visibility of your brand

The new Instagram algorithm may have changed the way your content is viewed by your subscribers. Instagram Live is a good way to counter this and improve your visibility with your target audience and your current list of followers because it highlights you up the wire while you're live and sends push notifications to those who follow your account.

Increases engagement with users

Participating in a live video session on Instagram allows your viewers to ask you questions and send their comments during your broadcast. All these elements are visible to you, so you can have a conversation with them.

Built a more personal relationship

The conversations that take place during an Instagram Live session allow you to get to know your audience better and vice versa. When they ask questions and express their points of view, you are able to understand what your audience looks like, what they like about your brand and what they might need. On the other hand, your live sessions are also a great way to show your viewers the human side of your business.

How to prepare for your live session

The best way to overcome your fear of being broadcast live on Instagram is to get ready for it. Here are some tasks to prepare for your live session:

Determine the purpose of your live broadcast

First and foremost, you must have a purpose to go live. Ask yourself what you can give your viewers during your live session, what they can not get from your usual Instagram posts or Instagram stories. Viewing your live video should have some added value, such as streaming a product by revealing in real time, providing your viewers with an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience in real time, with the help of a tutorial allowing them to clarify the steps to follow. or go around your office and meet your team.

Create a preview of your video

The best way to make sure you can discuss all the key points of your live session is to create an overview of all the important topics you want to discuss. Start with a presentation of yourself and your live session. Then, in the end, do not forget to make a call to action to your audience, for example "share this offer with your friends and identify us" or "post a picture of yourself with our product and have a chance to win a prize Free set. "Keep in mind that your show has a 60-minute time limit when writing your plan.

Take an audio and video test before you start playing

As with everything, practice makes perfect. And repeat before your live session allows you to tweak your number and gives you the confidence you need for your show. When performing an audio and video test, choose a well-lit area without noise or distraction. This should also be the same place where you will host your live session. If you are filming indoors, it is ideal to place yourself next to a window for sufficient lighting. And make sure your phone is charged!

Promote your live broadcast on your IG publications and stories

Through an article and a GI story, let your subscribers know about your upcoming live session. Let them know the date, time, time zone (so you can really watch your show) and what they can expect from your show. Encourage them to join the surveillance party with a gift or exclusive promotional offer for viewers. Getting enthusiastic people and seeing their comments on your post can go a long way toward building your confidence in your live session.

What to do during your live session?

So, the big day is here! Take note of these things when you stream live on Instagram:

Add a title to your live session

Provide context for latecomers by pinning a "title" to your live show. To do this, use the "pin a comment" function by entering the "title" of your video in the comment section of the live feed, then tap the comment to pin it.

Say hello to everyone

When you stream live, you feel like you are making a video call with your subscribers. Do not forget to say hello and hire them by mentioning their name. You may not be able to congratulate everyone and everything will be fine. The important thing is to let your viewers feel that they are part of the conversation. You can see who is watching your live video by tapping the eye icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

Remind your viewers what your show is about

Keep your viewers hooked to your show until it ends, be sure to mention the video content from time to time so that even late-comers are aware of their incentives to watch the entire session.

Get rid of the distraction of trolls

As with all social media messages and channels, trolls will try to distract you and your viewers during your Instagram Live video session. The good thing is that you can always kick them out of your show. Just click on the "X" next to the user who is monitoring your session and disable their comments.

Change the view of your phone

You can increase the interest and engagement of your viewers by changing the view of your camera. All you have to do is double-tap on the screen. By doing this you can show your viewers your environment or change their view from your product.

Going live on Instagram can be very fun if you stop worrying about making a mistake and you are yourself, so relax and have fun with your viewers!

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