If you have a business profile on Instagram, you will probably agree that this social media platform is very convenient for brands to engage with their target users. In addition to the comments feature available in feeds, Instagram Stories and IGTV, Instagram also offers direct messages that allow users to send their questions and comments privately into your inbox. It is also here that are sent the reactions and comments made on your Instagram account.

Direct Messages is particularly useful for Instagram users who want to get information about branded offers and other information related to their business. Since Instagram has more than one billion users worldwide, imagine the number of messages you could receive if you offer your products globally. While this is beneficial for your business, it can be a bit difficult to respond to all these messages in a timely manner. Even for local business owners who are likely to manage their social media accounts alongside running their business, receiving a few messages throughout the day can prove very painful.

It's a good thing that Instagram seems to be aware of this and that companies have a lot easier to respond to DM with quick answers. This relatively new feature, announced in May 2018 and launched a few weeks later, is Instagram's solution for more than 150 million conversations with businesses through direct messaging. With quick responses, brands and influencers can save draft messages for common questions to avoid manually answering each message received.

How to create quick answers on Instagram

On your profile page, touch the menu button in the upper right corner to access your Instagram settings at the bottom of the sidebar menu. Tap on the gear icon to open the Options tab. Scroll to Company Settings. Here you should see an option for quick answers. Press the plus (+) button in the upper right corner to begin creating a new quick response. You will be directed to a new window in which you will be prompted to enter the keyboard shortcut for your quick response, and then write the full message for that particular quick response. Once you have finished adding them, press the Save button in the upper right corner.

You are now ready to use this template to answer queries for your direct messages. To use your quick response draft to respond to a DM, simply type your keyboard shortcut, and then tap the ellipsis icon (the message bubble with three dots) in the Message field. The quick answer you recorded will appear automatically. Another way to access all the drafts that you have saved is to leave the Message field blank and press the ellipsis icon. If you need to edit your message, you can always go back and edit or delete your quick reply.

How to use the Instagram Answers feature for your business

Quick replies are a very useful feature that can help you answer questions more effectively and ensure that you provide accurate information consistently among all potential customers. To give you a better idea of ​​this feature, we have listed four ways to use quick answers for your Instagram business profile:

Use quick answers to answer common questions

Once you've noticed that you've received the same questions from your Instagram followers, it's a good idea to create a quick response to these recurring questions instead of having to type the same answer over and over. Here are some examples of common questions: how long does it take for orders to be processed and shipped, what is the cost of shipping and if there are discounts for bulk orders.

It is important to write your draft messages in a friendly tone and customize them before clicking the Publish button. Always start your messages with a warm greeting followed by the name of the person asking the question. It is likely that your draft messages will need to be slightly modified for some queries that may require additional information. Be sure to add other details as needed. Do not forget that every request for information sent to your DM inbox is an opportunity to push the user to buy your offer. So be very accommodating and make them feel that you are ready to help them with everything they need to know.

Use quick answers to provide details about your Instagram gifts

If you plan to organize a gift on Instagram, expect many DMs to ask for explanations about how your contest works, the timing of the draw, who can participate, and how many. Other things to clarify. By anticipating these questions and writing a quick response detailing the rules and details of your gift, you will save valuable time.

Use quick answers to provide customer support

Although you may have created your business profile primarily to expand your market and generate sales, it is likely that you will also receive inquiries and complaints from your existing customers in your inbox. And you probably already have predefined answers to these for your email client support. Preparing your quick answers would be so much easier and faster. Just be sure to personalize your message and address the customer by name. Also make sure you make the necessary changes so that your message contains all the necessary information based on the specific concerns of the customer. Do not forget that it is another opportunity for you to show your real customers that you value their business and build loyalty to your brand.

Use quick answers to chat with your subscribers

Sometimes you receive short messages or emoticons in your inbox, mainly from feedback and comments about your stories. While this may seem insignificant, sending a quick thank you response can have a huge impact on your subscribers. In some cases you can even add a short question asking them if they have tried your new product and they would be interested in other variations. For example, if a user commented "I like it !!!" on your Instagram story that featured your last coffee concoction, you might want to answer it by saying "Hello (name)!" Thank you! We are happy to know that you like our new coffee drink. Have you tried our (drink name)? We think you'll like this one too! Recognizing them, even short, is a great way to make them feel connected to your brand. This can even cause them to ask questions about your products or promotions and possibly make a purchase.

As you can see, quick replies are an amazing feature that can help you save a lot of time answering messages in your Direct Instagram inbox. This function is actually very easy to use. If you have not saved your draft answers yet, start now!

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