Unlike personal Instagram accounts, the large number of subscribers is not the only indicator of successful professional profiles. If it's important for brands to be able to attract tons of Instagram users to follow them and love their publications, it's more important to reach the right people – those who belong to your demographic group. target and who would actually buy your products and services. So, how do you reach your target audience? Here are the steps:

Define your target audience

As business owners, it's important that you take the time to define your target audience, because knowing these users and what they look like will help you develop a more effective social media strategy that would not only drive them to your Instagram. profile, but would also encourage them to test your offer and even share your posts with other people around them, which would further expand your reach.

Start with your marketing character – archetypal characters trained to represent the different types of users in your target demographic. It can also be an attitude or behavior that could use a site, brand or product in a similar way. Personas are usually associated with market segmentation to represent specific customers. They are also needed to guide your decisions and strategies for your product or service, your online interactions, and the visual design of your website and social media postings.

Understand your conversations on Instagram

Use a social media listening tool to understand your commitments on Instagram. It's important to understand the social media conversations that take place around your industry and the target topics, not just your brand. Identify who is speaking, who is leading the conversations and what everyone is saying, then tailor the different types of conversation and their participants in your personalities basket to reinforce your personalities and make them more relevant to Instagram.

It would also be good to research some Instagram users with a good follow up and post on topics relevant to your brand. Check out their profiles to see what interests and interests them. It is important that you become familiar with the whole character, not just with elements directly related to your brand.

Reach your target audience as a whole

Before creating a strategy for each character, you want to reach your target audience as a whole. Using industry best practices, as well as the social analytics platform, determine the optimal time to post to Instagram. Also determine which Instagram content and campaigns generated the most engagement for your brand in the past year. You can also use tools like Quintly to analyze your competitors' profile and inspire you with their success on Instagram.

Do not limit yourself to nurturing messages

While posting optimized photos and videos to your Instagram feed is an effective way to engage your target audience, it's essential to take advantage of Instagram Stories. By 2018, Instagram had twice as many viewers as Snapchat, with about 400 million users, compared with 191 million. The use of this feature will allow you to interact with your audience on a deeper level, generate greater engagement and stay ahead of your current list of followers. As with your posts in feeds, be sure to monitor your data analytics for the articles.

Follow the relevant hashtags

We all know that adding relevant hashtags to your content, both for feed posts and Instagram feed articles, is helpful in getting more users to your brand profile. But did you know that the following hashtags can also benefit your social media strategy? Yes, following the appropriate hashtags allows you to target niche communities – apply current trends to your strategy, comment on publications to increase your visibility on your target users, and follow the ones you want to follow.

Reaching influencers

Identify Instagram influencers whose follower profiles match your target personalities and collaborate with them. Influencer marketing is an effective strategy to make themselves known to their subscribers and therefore convince them to follow also the Instagram profile of your brand. To succeed in an influential campaign, you must discuss with your influential partners what you expect from your campaigns. Whether to increase brand awareness or increase sales, you need to clearly define your goals.

Define your performance measures

Defining your performance indicators is essential to achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Determine which ones are relevant to measuring your campaign's performance, such as reach, impressions, and clicks. The ideal would be to create an Instagram analytics dashboard to measure the actual impact of your campaigns influencing your brand.

Keep track of and analyze your metrics

Social media marketing is an ongoing process of applying strategies, tracking and adjusting your campaigns based on what works for your brand. Instagram has an integrated analysis tool that can help you determine your top performing publications, when your subscribers are the most active and listens to your publications, the content that motivates them to that they engage with your brand and which publications encourage subscribers to post your profile. or click on the link of your site. It is important to check the numbers, compare them to the goals you have set and refine your campaigns based on these results.

Create a content calendar for your Instagram account

After applying your Instagram marketing strategies and monitoring your social media analytics, you now have a better idea of ​​what works and what does not work. Now you have everything you need to create a content calendar. Remember to incorporate every important month on holidays and social topics, such as Mother's Day, Mental Health Month, Super Bowl, Olympic Games. etc. When deciding when to publish your content, make a list of Instagram influencers or users to mention, as well as the corresponding hashtags. There is no standard format for content calendars, but if you need a template, you can download a large number of free content calendar templates that you can download online.

Increasing the number of your Instagram followers can be a challenge, especially if you want to reach the right users that you can convert into real customers. By following these tips, you can attract potential customers not only to follow you on Instagram, but also to buy your offers.

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