Influencers are online personalities who have knowledge of content creation and relating to an audience on Instagram. These are people who, through social media, can persuade a group of people to take a particular action.

They are characterized by the ability to produce niche content in specialized areas, which means that you can easily reach a target audience. Influencers can be used to promote your brand through campaigns with these bloggers / vloggers, celebrities, social media icons, etc.

Instagram influencers

Brands are always on the lookout for new methods and tactics that they can apply to increase audience and engagement on the social platform. Engaging content and social conversations play a key role in achieving this.

For brands that are just starting out on Instagram, it can be a bit difficult to create social currency and trust your followers. Getting them to trust your product or service can be a daunting task and this is where influencers come in. They bridge that gap by being the go-between and a trusted source to recommend your brand.

Influencers attract many followers to Instagram who view them as trusted sources of information and advice due to their knowledge of the niche in which they operate.

Brands collaborate with influencers, leveraging their influence and strong presence to market their products or services.

How influencers help market your business

Influencers mainly fulfill the following roles:

  • Create quality content for your brand

  • Recommend your products or services

  • Actively participate in conversations around your brand or campaign

  • Showcase your brand and contribute to social proof

With Instagram having over a billion users, influencer marketing is sure to be very effective for your business. But there are some factors that should be taken into account before selecting an influencer for your brand or campaign. These factors go a long way in ensuring maximum effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Factors to consider when choosing an influencer


Trusting your influencer is a very crucial step that determines the type of relationship that exists between the two of you. But sometimes you might be wondering if they are really genuine, especially for your business.

In addition to showing their loyalty to your brand, your influencers should be able to make their posts authentic. The right influencer for your business on IG would always make their sponsored posts authentic, not looking like content they just get paid for.

The relationship between your brand and your influencer

This determines how relevant an influencer is to your brand or a particular campaign you are embarking on. Influencers don't need to be directly relevant to your product, but they do need some degree of relevance to the ad they would appear in.

A brand that deals with shoes would typically have no connection to a sci-fi niche influencer. But a shoe ad could show the influencer spotting a pair of sneakers with a sci-fi theme. For optimal results, it is always best to find influencers in the area of ​​your service or product. These are people who will have a following that directly matches your demographics.

Perception of your brand by influencers

What do your influencers think of your brand? Do they even use your product or service in their personal life? What are their perceptions of your brand? These are questions Instagram brand owners should be asking themselves. Building a relationship with your influencer is much easier when you know what they think about your brand.

Find out which positive or negative they say the most about your brand on the platform. You will know if they are the right choice of influencers for your brand or not.

Association with competing brands

You can choose from thousands of influencers for your Instagram business, but an influencer who partners with your competitor isn't one of them. Today, many brands are turning to influencer marketing, attracting customer engagement to their brand more than ever. However, working with your competitor's influencer isn't such a great idea.

Besides the possibility that they might leak vital information to your competition, there is a very clear sign of disloyalty. If an influencer works for two direct competitors on Instagram, it only shows that he's fair for the rewards he's getting. Building a good relationship with your influencer is essential for retaining your influencer, and getting them to work with a competing brand is one of the worst ways to break that loyalty.

Instead, try to find an influencer who doesn't market other similar brands. If the influencer is willing to influence your business other than your competitor's, that's great for your brand. While this can increase the amount you're likely to spend, these influencers can't leave more for less.

Engagement level

Your influencer engagement level determines the percentage of their followers who are likely to show interest and reach your brand. Engagement rates show how much an influencer audience loves what they post.

With a high number of likes, comments, and shares, an influencer engagement level is sure to skyrocket, giving you a reason to market with them. How well do they publish quality content? How well do they market a business on Instagram? Here's what you need to consider when finding the right influencer for your Instagram business.

Notice how engaged your influencer can be online. Consider the proportion of their followers in everything your influencer posts about you. And finally, be aware of the results and feedback they get regarding your brand. This can go a long way in helping you find out whether or not they are the right influencer for your brand.

Keep in mind that an influencer who doesn't get a lot of engagements is a bad choice for your brand because that means their followers won't interact with sponsored posts. . The idea is to stay away from those influencers – micro or mega.

Popularity among your audience

The perspective of your current audience on potential influencers is a factor that should also govern your choice. You should not only consider the effects an influencer would have on new audiences, but also the effects on the current one. Partnering up with certain influencers could help break into a new market, but could take a toll on your current audience, resulting in drastic reduction in engagement levels.

Target audience reach level

Reach only describes the number of people on Instagram who see your influencer's content. Understand the scale of their subscribers and the kind of ROI you can expect.

Before choosing an influencer, make sure you have a good understanding of the potential reach of your influencer. By doing this, you can easily understand the level of investment your brand needs to reach a certain number of people on Instagram.

General perception

This involves highlighting the following factors:

  • Why the influencer has the following characteristics: An influencer who is actually infamous or has bogus engagements would give your brand a bad reputation.

  • Work Relationships and Personality: Staying away from influencers who are known to be difficult to work with or display a poor work ethic would be of great benefit to your business. In addition, you are putting your brand's reputation at risk, by partnering with influencers known to be involved in unsavory activities, topics or issues both online and offline.

  • Portfolio of work: Taking into account previous associations that an influencer has engaged in is also crucial in assessing their general perception. Influencers could have engaged earlier on topics or issues that might not be right for your brand.

Influencers don't necessarily mean celebrities. Several non-famous influencers can help your Instagram brand get more engagements. Consider the factors listed above when looking for an influencer to help promote your brand's growth on Instagram.

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