Instagram is quickly becoming a treasure trove for businesses of all sizes and shapes. From building communities to social selling and beyond, there's a reason Instagram is thriving alike among businesses and buyers alike.

Since there are over a billion users worldwide with over 8 million business profiles, you need to develop an effective Instagram marketing strategy to sell your products or services.

No matter who your audience is (and no matter what gender, age, profession, etc.), you'll be sure to reach them through Instagram. So the question is, how can your business stand out among the world class brands and the 8 million company profiles?

Don't worry! We're here to help you refine your Instagram marketing strategy. Whether you are new or want to recheck your priorities, our straightforward approach will help your brand achieve its goals with a sense of purpose.

Let's dive into some killer IG marketing strategies.

1. Create a professional Instagram account

To start marketing on the platform, you need an Instagram Business account. A professional account provides access to features that you cannot use with a personal account. These include:

  • Shopping on Instagram

  • Instagram Ads

  • Instagram insights

  • Primary and secondary message inboxes

  • A call to action button

  • Contact details on your profile

2. Define your goals

You are now ready to use your business account in a more tactical way. The platform is your marketing tool and you can't use it effectively if you don't know what you are trying to accomplish.

Is your goal to increase brand awareness, convert warm leads, increase sales, or maybe connect with customers to create an online presence for your business?

Your primary focus will inform your marketing strategy and help your account stay focused on what you are ultimately trying to accomplish. For example, if you want to spend a considerable amount of money to increase your brand awareness, your strategy will likely be to run ads and target an influencer network to gain a wider reach.

3. Optimize your profile

Now is the time to choose the right logo or image for your business profile. This is your first impression on new customers, so keep your image consistent with your branding and visual markers.

Next is your Instagram bio. In 150 characters, you can make a great first impression. Write a concise summary of your business and explain to potential customers why people should follow you.

There are few other fields on your Instagram profile to show what your brand is. These include:

  • Your name and username

  • Your website (a clickable URL)

  • Contact details: tell people where to find you

  • Choose your category: mention the type of your company

  • Call-to-action button: It allows people to interact with you right from your profile page.

4. Content is king

Potentially, the most fundamental part of your Instagram marketing strategy is to create the content to better showcase your brand and achieve your business goals.

Create Catchy, Shareable Posts: The idea is to create content that is positively related to the needs of your audience and encourages your followers to repost it. This will increase the number of impressions of your post and you will be able to reach more people.

Have a visually consistent feed: For Instagram, consistency is more important than frequency in developing a reliable relationship with your audience. Schedule your content calendar based on the subscriber's busiest hours during the week. The Instagram algorithm also promotes an account that posts regularly to an account that posts 2 times per week.

Video content takes the lead on Instagram: Videos have become the gold standard for content engagement. People love them because they are an easy to use method of getting your message out.

Write Longer Captions: Longer captions get more user engagement So instead of filling captions with emojis, write full sentences to increase the performance of your post. Of course, emojis can be effective when used correctly.

5. Use Instagram Stories Highlights

Brands are adding stories to their catalog of Instagram marketing strategies like never before. Stories-style content is both must-have and interactive. Showing up first in subscriber feeds can help your brand stay fresh on the minds of your audience.

You can use this Instagram feature to share updates, packages, offers, or just fun content. Stories are something you should try to post daily.

6. Use hashtags strategically

Hashtags are one of the most influential Instagram marketing strategies for small businesses. They allow random Instagrammers to discover your content.

Experts suggest that using 7-30 hashtags per post works best, and with a recently added feature, you can measure how effective your hashtags are in building engagement. You can place all your hashtags in the first comment immediately after posting; this will keep your captions clean and comfortable to read.

7. Show ads to get a wider audience

Paid ads can help you gain more leads, conversions, followers, and engagements. You can also set up your Instagram ads with Facebook Ads Manager, which offers a whole range of targeting options, such as video ads, image ads, collectible ads, story ads, and more. Moreover.

8. Team up with influencers

This Instagram marketing strategy emphasizes using key leaders to get your brand's message across to a wider audience. This encourages their subscribers to check out your website and buy something for themselves, as consumers discover your products from a trusted source on a trusted, relaxed platform.

9. Use free Instagram tools for analysis

There are plenty of online tools available, and they are invaluable because you can view post stats like engagement, impressions, and more. With insights, you can understand how people engage with your posts and how you can improve your content to drive engagement.

These tools can also help you analyze the demographics of your audience, including information about their location, gender, and most active hours.

10. Analyze the content of competitors

Search for other businesses like yours on Instagram and tap their ideas for inspiration. Take note of the visual language they use, hashtags, and the type of content they post. You can also check their followers and the engagement they get on their posts.

This will help you understand how well their Instagram marketing strategy is working and its strengths and weaknesses.

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