An influencer is a person who has an influence on a lot of followers on social media. In marketing, influencers can persuade their subscribers to watch their videos, buy their books, and so on, thanks to "the virtue of their authenticity and reach," said Pixlee. Influencers are basically a type of celebrity.

Among the influencers are Lily Singh (AKA Superwoman on YouTube), entrepreneur Lewis Howes and actress Madeleine Petsch. The reason it's important to communicate with them commercially is that influencers can move your brand or business to a whole new level, as they help you spread your word or promote. Because their followers love them, they are likely to buy / read / etc. something that they recommended.

Now that you know what an influencer is and the importance of communicating with them, let's see how you can communicate with them, especially via Instagram.

A step by step guide to connect with influencers on Instagram

1. Follow them everywhere

You do not just want to follow the person you want to connect to Instagram; you want to follow them everywhere. This means subscribing to their email list, to their YouTube channel (if any), and following their other social network accounts.

When you finally connect with this influencer via Instagram, you do not want them to know that you only like their images, but you do not read their blog or watch their content. You want to show that you are a real fan.

This is the general rule: you must first be a fan!

2. Love / comment their photos

Now that you've followed this influencer, it's time to love and comment on all their photos – not the ones from the past, but the ones they download from now on. If you do not want to miss a message, then you can activate the notification bell to be notified each time they upload a new photo or video.

You want to like their messages and comment on each image. You do not have to comment on ten sentences, but something meaningful. If you comment a word like "Yes!" Or an emoji, they will simply scroll down your comment. Write something that will catch their attention and do it so often that one day they will recognize your name.

Pop in their Instagram life, too! Ask them questions, comment what they say, and if they ask, go live with them! I know the last option is scary, but it's already a huge step forward to get in touch with them.

3. Share their business

People appreciate that you share their content, their products or not. It feels good! If you have asked someone to share an item of your content that you have not sent to them, it means that you have written something worthy of interest.

Share an article that they wrote, write a story by commenting on the content of their caption in their last message and mark them forever. If you do not mark this person in your Instagram message or story, she will not see it because she will not follow you.

4. Ask them how they helped you

It's been a good month since you followed this person, comment on his posts and share his content now, and you could even be on the radar of this influential person. The next step is to demystify them. You will not (yet) ask them how you want anything from them, but you will tell them how much you appreciate them.

Here are some examples of what you can tell them:

"Hey (white), I just wanted to say that I've been with you for a while now and that you really changed my life. I hope that someday I will be able to thank you for all the good you have done! "

"Hi (empty)! I wanted to let you know that I loved your last (virgin). This helped me overcome (white) by doing (white). I'm happy to have found you and I look forward to seeing what you have published. You've already inspired me so much!

5. Ask them how you want to help them (and / or their readers)


That's what you have to offer. It does not matter if you follow this influencer, that you like all his pictures, etc. (Well, it's important, but it's not the only thing that matters) Now that you have followed all these steps, you must offer them your services and bring them value.

This means that you send them another direct message in which you say something in the sense of this:

"Hello, (empty). I like what you share with us recently. It's really inspiring to know that you believe in (white) and (white). I have a similar point of view to yours and I am very grateful to be able to communicate with you. In addition to what you said, I also believe (in white). I think your followers, depending on their response to your last post, would be interested in learning more about this topic. Would you be interested if I wrote a blog article in which (layout)? Of course, I would do it for free! You have changed my life and I just want to give more value to your readers. Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you have the time, let me know what you think. Have a good one. "

The truth is that the person might not contact you right away. Not even the second time you try or the fifth, but in the eighth time you will find that you actually have a message from them.

6. Ask

It's been months now. You have followed all these steps, you must help this influencer and you have kept in touch. Maybe you are not close friends, but you know yourself enough so that if any one you mention to this influential, he can say, "Oh yes, I know them."

It is at this moment that you finally make the request to get the thing you want. You send a message that says something like:

"Hey (white), I would really appreciate your help for something! (Explanation). Tell me what you think and if you can help me. Thank you for your time!"

This is how you connect with an influencer. Remember that everything depends on the value you give them. It's not about what's waiting for you, but about what's about them.

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