The last few weeks have been busy for social networks!

There have been so many new developments and changes that it can be hard to keep up with whether you are on a social network for business, inspiration, or the news.

Luckily, we've got the job done for you and compiled some of the latest news you need to know, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

We're here to keep you up to date with the latest happenings in the world of social media and online marketing. Here are nine recent stories that caught our attention:

1. Instagram will no longer focus on photos.

Instagram will always try to create new features that benefit the experience of its users.

The Instagram manager announced that he would prioritize video content over photos, to create a more entertaining experience.

They will also be experimenting with how they can adopt video more widely. It will start with an immersive full screen and entertaining experience and then follow that flexibility to use anything from a mobile perspective.

So don't be surprised if you see more video posts on Instagram in the coming months. There are plenty of updates on the horizon for the platform, with videos being a high priority.

Creators, messaging and shopping are also among the changes coming to the social network.

2. Instagram now allows users to link to specific pages with stickers.

One of the best ways to drive traffic from Instagram Stories to your website is through swipe options. However, only verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 subscribers have so far been granted this privilege.

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to link to a landing page or website via a sticker. They have announced their intention to make these stickers available to everyone shortly, as well as the ability to respond with stickers in DMs.

This newly introduced test will be used to monitor the types of links people typically post and keep an eye out for spam and misinformation.

3. Instagram will review the main feed's content for new recommendations in the feed.

Instagram's 'Suggested Posts' feature received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its essay. So they launched a new test that will combine brand-centric ads with recommended content in primary user feeds.

An example of a useful setting that Instagram could introduce, according to recent updates, is the control allowing users to add topics of interest and 'repeat' recommendations until 30 days.

4. Twitter plans to broadcast live major summer events.

As summer is in full swing and the vaccine season draws to a close, the live events kick in. Twitter has shared fantastic opportunities, including cultural and sporting events, which brands can participate in to engage with the community.

5. Instagram is releasing a new video ad format.

The platform has announced plans to introduce Instagram ads for reels, expanding the format from a 30-second video to a looping reel with up to 30 seconds of video content that can be played back. commented and shared.

Reels are already very popular for many brands. Now Instagram wants to increase its popularity even further by introducing a new type of advertising.

After testing the service in select countries, Instagram unveiled its Reels advertising feature to the world last month. Recognized as the best place on Instagram to reach people who don't follow you or as a growing global scene where brands can be discovered by anyone, Reels has become an ad format.

Businesses can reach more people with these campaigns, which combine brands and designers for inspiring content.

6. Facebook has announced other ways that users can personalize their experience.

Dan Levy, Facebook's chief commercial and advertising manager, recently spoke about the company's roadmap plans. He explained where they are focusing their efforts to develop personalized experiences for users while maintaining the focus on user safety.

Facebook is using its new updates to provide better privacy protection through product innovations, features that make it easier for people to discover the products and tools needed to grow the business.

Businesses are facing a permanent change in people's behavior: online shopping, which may have taken 10 years to become mainstream, has exploded in just 12 months. Combined with growing technologies for customer information privacy and broad generational opportunities for our industry to innovate, this is an exciting time for us.

It is the responsibility of both businesses and customers to develop new methods of handling personal data for advertising purposes.

7. TikTok announced a new feature that will make it easier to find and connect with potential employers.

TikTok has unveiled its TikTok Resumes initiative, an in-app feature that will help them become the new go-to channel for recruiters and job seekers. You can find it in the app by searching for #TikTokResumes, then create job related content or submit videos to what has been posted.

TikTok has partnered with several major brands to test the format as an alternative way for job applicants to showcase their experiences and skills while applying professionally in video formats.

Honestly, we can't wait to see how the platform helps redefine recruiting with TikTok CV and helps recruiters discover new talent.

8. Facebook incorporates revolutionary social shopping features.

Facebook stores just announced experiences in other apps like Facebook Marketplace and WhatsApp, expanding e-commerce capabilities by adding new features like ratings and reviews to Instagram.

A new study has found that one in three shoppers is reducing their time in-store this season, even after the pandemic has ended. The study also found that social media has a major influence on these consumers, with a whopping 72% of respondents reporting getting shopping ideas on WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

So your brand can use information about what your customers typically buy to provide them with new, personalized shopping experiences.

Facebook continues to reshape the future of shopping by investing in new visual augmented reality tools on Instagram. The tool allows users to find and buy products with only minimal information, creating a virtual experience to try before buying.

Consumers are less and less loyal to retail stores and it's easier than ever to shop online. Find out how the new Facebook eCommerce report can help your business.

I repeat, buyers are increasingly difficult to meet, with specific needs that a business may or may not meet. As such, the future of the customer experience will be determined by the consumers themselves. Businesses must adapt and innovate to meet these demands, or else they will be overwhelmed.

9. Facebook is launching a new portal for publishers called Bulletin.

Facebook has just introduced a new form of media that will make it easier for writers to monetize their content.

The platform, called Facebook Bulletin, gives creators the ability to share long texts and audio content in one place.

It doesn't appear to have a social media aspect, but all content will show up in news feeds and in the News section. Editors can customize their branding, choose from predefined themes, and use built-in media to create visually appealing stories.

10. Facebook now offers audio for live events and podcast episodes.

Facebook has launched a new service for US-based public figures and certain Facebook groups. These social audio features allow these users to connect with their audience using podcasts and live audio rooms.

Live Audio Rooms offers public figures the opportunity to speak with up to 50 peers at a time on live topics of their choice.

When it comes to live audio rooms, group admins will now have control over who can create them. Public groups grant all group members access to the room while group members in private groups have more privacy with only them who can join.

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