Did you know that some things can annoy your subscribers (and other Instagram users)? This type of action is what causes a person to roll their eyes when they see your username. Even your followers, who follow you because they love you, do not like the things we are about to mention below.

We have compiled a list of things you should avoid doing on the social media platform so as not to upset the Instagram users. Lets go there.

8 things to avoid on Instagram

1. Spamming people with your products

You should regularly post pictures of your products (or promote your course, your book, etc.). However, nobody likes to see that pictures of your products. Seeing only self-promotion photos shows that you only care about one thing: money. You do not care about providing value; you just want to take money from people.

People want to see who you are, the human side of you. They want the backstage, the value you can provide them, and the images that are not just your last book. Your followers want to sign in, so do not give them a chance to unsubscribe.

2. Inconsistent display

When people follow you, they expect you to post on Instagram. It does not matter to them that you do not publish ten times a day, but they want to see you appear regularly in their calendar. If you want to publish three times a day every day, stick to this calendar.

You do not want to publish three times a day for a month, then go out of the grid for two weeks. This sends the message that you are not a person your subscribers can count on, and that annoys them.

Sunny Lenarduzzi is a unique example. Sunny is working every day from Monday to Friday, and then takes leave this weekend. Despite the unusual and rare schedule, Sunny can escape by not posting 7 days a week, because she respects this schedule. Her supporters no longer wonder what happened to her when she disconnects, but only because she likes it.

3. Request follow up / ask for screams

I put both as a short and sweet point. It's one of the most boring things you can do on Instagram. In any case, do not follow someone a few seconds later, comment "F4F?" Or "Can you follow me?" Or "S4S?" Or "Can you tell me something?" In the last message of theirs.

This will not only annoy the person whose photo you are commenting on, but even their subscribers, who may see your comment, will avoid viewing your profile because they are also annoyed. It's a lazy thing to do and it does not give a good first impression.

4. Download photos of poor quality

Instagram is all about images. If a poor quality picture may have pleased you, when Instagram was a new application, it's not something you can get away with now. You need to upload thoughtful, storytelling, and high-quality photos.

The truth is that people do not follow people with "ugly" Instagram. They follow people with consistent, high quality images that are "aesthetic". Poor quality pictures will not only tell your followers that you're not really trying, but you'll also gain followers who are slower than those who publish high-quality photos. less like.

5. Do not add a caption

I know that I just said that Instagram is primarily a question of images, but that is the legend that unites everything. If taken correctly, a photo can tell a story, but you can add more to the story. You can talk about how something has happened, where someone can find the thing, and so on. People read legends, believe it or not.

In fact, how many times did you like an Instagram post not for the photo but for the legend? If you're writing something hilarious, inspiring or that a person can connect to even if your photo is not the best, you can still win "I like it". (However, this is not an excuse to post poor quality photos, Instagram is still a matter of photos.)

6. Make rounds / tangents that only your best friend cares about

Instagram allows you to promote your business or brand and share with you the elements that make you human. However, do not confuse it with a place where you are too raw and create stories on Instagram where you are unleashed on your aunt Sally and on the fact that she does not believe in you, or post a random photo with a caption : reads, "People get bored when …"

Your Instagram, even if it's "human", must be professional. Do not confuse it with a newspaper in which you spread your most negative thoughts. This way, you do not attract people in this way and you will lose followers. This also leads to the construction of a bad reputation, which is the last thing you want.

7. Ignore your followers

When people take the time to comment on your Instagram post, they expect you to respond to their comment. There will be times when there are too many comments, and you can not answer all, but at least answer. When you respond to a comment or DM, you show your followers that you care about them and that it makes them feel like they are being seen.

You do not want to ignore people who do what you love is possible.

8. Download disrespectful content

When you follow someone, you do not expect them to post disrespectful or hateful content to a certain group of people. As I said earlier, negativity deters people and this type of content will make people avoid you and give you a bad name.

Do not respond abruptly to your subscribers and do not curse them. Keep it to spread joy and positivity. This is what your followers want to see.

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