There may be a million reasons why you created an Instagram account – to promote your business, promote brand awareness, and more. This is after all why you may have also started your brand or business.

The problem is that you do not know how to inspire people. You do not know what to say or do. So how do influencers who follow a lot inspire people? Or think this way, how do your greatest inspirations inspire you? What are they doing and what are they saying that you could apply to inspire your own followers?

1. Share your life

One of the best ways to inspire your subscribers is to continue your life as you usually do, but share it on Instagram. It may sound too simple, but listen to me. Hundreds of thousands of people talk a lot about what they "will do", but never have the opportunity to do so.

So, you will publicly announce some of your goals, and then you can show that you are working to reach them every day. You will do it in the form of stories, lives, publications and IGTV. You will show the process, the hard work and everything else in between. This will encourage your supporters to do the same: work toward their goals.

2. Post your own inspirational quotes

There are already countless accounts that publish quotes from celebrities or well-known brands. There is nothing wrong with sharing a quote that has inspired you from time to time, but you want to stand out and be original. Instead, give your subscribers the quotes you have suggested to motivate and inspire them. You do not want to inspire your subscribers with the words of someone else, is not it?

What I recommend is to sit for half an hour and write anything that can inspire you. You are essentially in batch. After that, you'll go to Canva to create unique content for your brand and share it on Instagram. Once you find that your words have hundreds of tastes, you will realize that the work was worth it.

3. Download stories in which you give brief motivational speeches.

Instagram stories are great because they only last fifteen seconds. Yes, you can hold down the button to continue a story, but you do not have to do it unless you really want a longer one.

Whatever the case may be, on Instagram stories, you can speak for a few seconds and give a brief motivational speech. This does not have to be big, it should just motivate your followers to take the actions you would like them to take.

You could say, "Hey, guys! I'm going to a coffee shop right now to work. I just wanted to remind you that if you have dreams, you have to turn them into goals and turn them into goals by working on them. So stop watching this and go back to work! If I saw that, I would remember that I should not be on Instagram and I would go back to what I had to do.

4. Share stories of when you defeated something

There is no need to always give short and pleasant motivational speeches in real time. I know for a fact that in your life you have lived things that you did not think you had to overcome. You may have felt frightened or desperate, but you are still standing.

No matter the subject of the story or it has "nothing to do with your brand". If you have a story in which you have overcome all the difficulties, or done something crazy even if you were terrified, that's a story you want to say.

The stories are powerful. Share them not only because your followers will appreciate your open-mindedness, but also because you will help someone who may have the same fight or inspire someone to do what you have made. They will "feel the fear and do it anyway," as Susan Jeffers says.

5. Use Instagram stickers to your advantage

Another great way to inspire people is to allow them to interact with your stickers via Instagram. I will give you examples of how to use stickers and questions to inspire and / or motivate your audience. (I will not explain the operation of the stickers, but you can check this here.)

The vignette questions

  • What is your number one goal for today?
  • What are you working on this week to reach your next goal?
  • What are you going to do in the next hour?
  • What is your "why" for the project you are working on right now?

The poll sticker

  • Are you going to kick your ass today?
  • Are you going to crush your goals this year?
  • Will you today have a nice day?
  • Will today be the day you finally begin?

The emoji sticker

  • How are you going to manage?
  • How confident are you of doing something extraordinary today?
  • How much do you like what you do?
  • How are you feeling for the day ahead?

The vignette counts down

With the countdown sticker, you can not do much about interaction, but it could be a fun way to connect with your followers. For example, suppose you set a goal of getting up at five o'clock tomorrow, something you never did, and you told your subscribers about it.

You could make it a group challenge where you could say, "You know what, what if we do it together? A challenge of five o'clock in the morning, who is left? Then you would set the countdown to five in the morning tomorrow. It's a smart way to get your subscribers to act, but also remind your subscribers that you're in the same boat.

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