You continue to read "Share more content!", But you are turning your head. You already download three images every day, you go online every week and it is still not enough. You run out of ideas because you post great content and you are not sure if you can offer more.

Influencers with over a million followers tell you that one of the things they do is download stories. However, you do not know what else you can offer your subscribers. We hate you stress as much as you are. That's why we've put together a list of 5 things you can share about your Instagram stories.

5 things you can share about your Instagram story that your followers will love

1. Product Overview

If you publish a new product, course, or book, you can use Instagram stories to share previews. The reason you want to share insights is because they generate hype and excitement. It makes people want to come back and see everything once they are out.

For example, suppose you start a new course. You can talk about it on an Instagram story. You can face your phone's camera on your laptop and zoom in on a module. Behind the phone, you say, "Take a look at one of the modules we have already completed. This is just one of the seven that you can have on hand in just five days! "

When your viewers see the story, they will feel impatient and it will increase the likelihood that they will buy your course.

2. Talk about everything that concerns you

Instagram stories is a good place to hang out. Especially now with its latest update in which, if you hold down the red button, you will not have to stop after 15 seconds; he'll just start a new story, so you can continue without being cut.

This is where you can have five stories (as an example) in which you talk about your life before your business and send an inspiring message at the end. People are more likely to listen to your words on an Instagram story than they published a 60-second video.

Do not confuse hikes with ventilation. People prefer to follow companies and brands that offer value, spread positivity and feel motivated. They move away from those who spread negativity, and the truth is that ventilation will only give you a bad name.

3. Use stickers to initiate conversations

Instagram stickers are the perfect way to have "conversations" with your subscribers. We've been deepening the issue of Instagram stickers in articles like this. We will not talk about it much, but we will explain why they can start discussions.

There are many types of Instagram stickers, and the one that can initiate a dialogue between you and your followers is the Questions sticker. The question sticker allows your viewer to ask you anything, and you can then view it, add it to your story, and respond to it. You can reply with a text or record a story with a response of 15 seconds or more.

This is a brief "conversation", but it allows your subscribers to know that you like it and that you are ready to take the time out of your busy day to answer their questions.

4. Countdown

The countdown sticker is one of the newest stickers, but we've already seen it used a lot of times for different reasons. Television shows have used it for the countdown to the release of their new season, the stores use them to count down when their sales are over and brands use them to count down the publication of their blog update.

What's great with the countdown sticker is that people can type it and receive a notification on the last day of the countdown, as a reminder to that effect. It creates hype, like glances, and they're just fun!

At the end of the countdown, if someone opens the story, confetti come out. Although it may sound ridiculous, depending on your ideal audience, your subscribers will find this detail cute.

5. random moments

The great thing about Instagram stories is that nothing has to be correlated with each other. You can share an inspiring story in two stories, a photo of your hotel's view in the future, and then a sticker on the latest story about whether or not people liked your last article.

Although we give you ideas on what to publish in your story, you do not need to worry about the content, because ultimately your subscribers like to know what you're doing. Document the company's Christmas party, take a selfie with an influencer you know about your subscribers, or explain how the apple in your office influenced your latest story.

The stories on Instagram are random and fun. Just share what you want to share, the stories your followers want to see.

There are many things you do not let followers follow, not because you're secret, but because you're hiding something from them, just because you did not know where to share that content. Instagram stories is this place. This is the place where you show your most human side.

Another thing that could help you post content in Instagram articles even faster is that the articles you download do not have to be brand-related. These stories can be random moments in your life that you think you like to follow.

Of course, you want to share items related to your brand or business and promote your product, but you can also share more personal items. This is your permission.

Instagram stories are a great way to make personal contacts with your subscribers. Now that you know what type of content to publish, you do not have to apologize. Come back in a hurry!

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